Get high-touch, high-velocity value with Gainsight Cadence

Touch your customers at scale

Start doing the proactive things you know drives value but didn’t have the time to do before.

Remedy the #1 retention risk - a sponsor’s departure - by monitoring for title, location, or other changes
Increase email touches - via Salesforce or Marketo templates and contacts - to deepen customer relationships and nurture growth
Identify promoters and detractors for upsell/advocacy or risk mitigation with template surveys to your Salesforce contacts
Run a closed loop workflow within the Lifecycle Cockpit

Track customer health consistently

Unify your customer data - both quantitative and qualitative - to proactively manage retention and growth, prep for meetings in minutes, and align across the organization.

Prep for meetings in minutes with all relevant customer data in one single 360° view of each customer
Ensure retention and growth by proactively managing health to green across any combination of quantitative and qualitative signs
Monitor account and user-level utilization of your product or service as a key health metric
Optimize business processes with Lifecycle Analytics

Transform customer success processes

Let real customer behaviors drive your interactions with them in things like QBRs or automated emails.

Scale your team by triggering calls-to-action or automated workflow based on any change in customer data
Send the right message to the right person at the right time with triggered emails based on usage or other data
Identify your power users and laggards to ensure everyone recognizes continuous value from your product or service

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