Get the full 360º view of your customers in one place — from usage to sentiment to executive relationship.

100% Native for real-time access to all Salesforce data, secure authentication, and full functionality without data leaving your trusted system.

Pull in historical sentiment analysis from 3rd party tools like SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Medallia to understand qualitative measures.

Track historical and ongoing adoption data via Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Javascript tags, sFTP, REST APIs, or automated data sync integration to monitor real-time engagement health.

Extract customer attributes like lead source or campaign engagement from Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and others for robust attribution.

Connect with service system data like Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk to unearth personas or common product challenges.

Extract key data points from Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Fusion and Siebel, SAP, and more to maximize value from all existing systems.

Integrate with billing and accounting software like Zuora, Netsuite, or SAP to see your customers’ entire purchase history or outstanding invoices.

Embed your Customer360 view into Sales Cloud Opportunity and Account objects to empower your sales reps to close more upsell and cross-sell.

Embed Gainsight’s Customer360 view into Service Cloud to empower your support agents as they work on health issues.

Use real-time customer data to prepare right before onsite and meeting. Update notes and health score components on-the-go.


Extend into Gainsight’s Matrix Data Platform to store large volumes of data and power more complex analyses.

Personalized data, visualizations, and priorities for any stakeholders including individual CSMs, managers and executives, and boards of directors.

Explore customer data by any four attributes to discover combinations of predictive data attributes.

Create customer groups to compare and pinpoint your best segments.

Track customer health over time from qualitative (e.g. relationship) and quantitive (e.g. usage) metrics to quickly prioritize engagement and boost revenue.

Maximize customer lifetime revenue with individual and account-level insights.

Apply advanced data analysis to more accurately forecast upsell and cross-sell, identify churn factors, and most effective success actions.

Validate and cleanse via data science your data sources for crystal clear insights.


Set up education tracks or automated outreach to nurture growth opportunities or intervene just-in-time.

Trigger real-time email or in-product notifications based on business rules and data science to warn of issues or flag opportunity.

Conduct Net Promoter® Score Surveys or transactional surveys right from within Gainsight.

Use built-in workflow to manage a customer’s journey back to health. Apply success playbooks to optimize upsell and cross-sell conversion.

Manage future milestones and promised deliverables to never miss a relationship growth opportunity.

Generate custom deliverables with detailed product adoption data for every customer Quarterly Business Review or Renewal Meeting.

Eliminate the #1 cause of churn by keeping tabs on existing champions and new influencers to contact.

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