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Ecosystems' collaborative software platform empowers B2B solution providers to quantify and communicate the potential (sales) and actual (customer success) business outcomes delivered by their offerings.

Through a process called the Customer Outcome Lifecycle, Ecosystems helps you continually optimize customer relationships by discovering relevant business outcomes, and quantifying and tracking the business value of attaining them:

  • Discover Outcomes
    Ecosystems arms you with libraries of pre-built industry templates to consultatively discover the outcomes your customers care about most.
  • Quantify Outcomes
    In a collaborative cloud workspace, Ecosystems provides interactive business cases to quantify the business impact of leveraging your products and services to attain the customer’s desired outcomes.
  • Track Outcomes
    Directly within your Customer Success Plan, Ecosystems empowers you to track and quantify the gap between anticipated versus actual customer outcome attainment.

See Ecosystems + Gainsight integration sheet for more details.