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Intellum combines the best of customer experience with customer education to help large brands improve user performance and close the consumption gap.

We recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to determine the impact of Customer Education on an organization, and the results are impressive

Teaching individual users how to be more successful with complicated products or services is the ultimate customer experience. Scaling that experience across the entire customer/partner base leads to significant improvements in revenue and customer churn.

High-success organizations engage their customers and partners in three distinct ways - through live events, conferences, and meetings; through product training and knowledge management; and through social collaboration and user communities. Yet, for many organizations, these experiences still occur on disparate, disconnected tools, and online destinations. Turning all of that activity into actionable data can be very difficult.

Intellum is the first technology provider to offer a single solution for the mission-critical customer and partner experiences that drive revenue and retention. The Intellum Platform includes everything an organization needs to:

  • Facilitate and capitalize on live virtual events
  • Create, manage, and track product training, certifications, marketing, and knowledge base content
  • Encourage users to engage, communicate, and collaborate through a wide range of social, chat, and user community experiences.

Intellum's integration with Gainsight PX now allows joint clients to track these high-impact customer experiences directly inside Gainsight's solutions so you can trigger new engagements and drive even more insightful decisions.

  • Tie education initiatives like product training, knowledge base and certifications to the overall health and performance of the individual user and the customer organization
  • Track individual users and organizations as they navigate your virtual events for a more complete view of user and customer organization engagement
  • Incorporate insights from social and user community interactions for more proactive customer engagements
  • Trigger automated Gainsight engagements, messages, and interactions as a result.

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