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nCloud Integrators provides experienced leadership in building and growing world class Customer Success organizations. Your Success Is Our Business. Success for your B2B company delivering SaaS technology requires that your customers not only adopt your offerings, but also realize value that drives loyalty and expanded usage. nCloud Integrators leverages proven experience to provide strategic, technology-based services.​ Strategy - At nCloud our experience tells us that value with SaaS offerings is not found in features and functions, but rather with value-added outcomes. Our team will work with you in a collaborative, strategic, and iterative fashion to design outcomes for your customers that are measurable and create value. ​Technology – To manage and scale your customer success strategies you may consider a systematic approach provided by the Gainsight platform. To maximize the value of the platform, you will likely need to integrate data from multiple sources throughout your enterprise (Salesforce, Zendesk, etc). At nCloud, our experience with Data Integration uniquely qualifies us to help with your Gainsight implementation, ensuring full integration of your enterprise data.