Gainsight Glossary

Customer Engagement Products

SaaS companies can ensure customer success and drive measurable business results with effective customer engagement strategies. With different customer engagement products available in the market, companies need to choose the right product to achieve desired results.

Gainsight helps SaaS companies engage customers in meaningful interactions. By leveraging technology and customer intelligence, the customer success management platform from Gainsight makes the process of customer retention easy and successful. Unlike other customer engagement products, Gainsight’s product ensures not only customer retention but also empowers sales reps to identify and close more cross-sell and upsell. Some of its significant features and benefits include:

  • Traces historical and current adoption data to monitor real-time engagement health
  • Provides consolidated view of the customers in one place
  • Ensures information security through secure authentication
  • Identifies specific customer issues and responds swiftly
  • Delivers right services and relevant offers at the right time

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