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Definition Customer Focus

Customer focus is imperative in today’s competitive business environment as customer churn is increasing at an alarming rate. Unless and until customers get a personalized experience, customer defection would continue to rise.

Gainsight knows that customer retention is the key to improved sales and revenue. Hence, its definition of customer focus is unlocking the power of customer intelligence to identify ‘at risk’ customers and grow the lifetime value of healthy customers. It leverages automation to optimize customer focus and thereby reduce churn, manage retention and identify upsell opportunities. Below are Gainsight’s insights about the significant aspects and true definition of customer focus.

  • Improved customer focus contributes towards business growth and success
  • Placing customer interests above everything helps ensure customer happiness and success
  • Satisfy customer needs and strive to go beyond customer expectations
  • Develop and sustain productive customer relationships
  • Understand customers and take action to meet customer needs and resolve concerns

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