Gainsight Glossary

Lead Customer Success Manager

In the subscription economy, the revenue is realized over the lifetime of a customer. Hence, ensuring customer success is imperative to increase sales and drive revenue. A lead customer success manager must, therefore, have the potential to lead the post sales efforts and bring value to customers.

Gainsight truly understands the importance of retaining existing customers in a subscription based business model. Its lead customer success managers show exemplary aptitude and capability in reducing customer churn and improving brand loyalty. Below are some responsibilities of Gainsight’s lead customer success managers.

  • Ability to build value based customer relationship
  • Gather intelligent product feedback and recommendations from the customers
  • Develop customer focused processes for ensuring customer success
  • Apply domain expertise to close deals
  • Ensure high user adoption of Gainsight’s customer success management application
  • Implement best practices to improve customer success
  • Ensure smooth onboarding handoff

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