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Retention Analytics

Over the past decade, companies have leveraged data, analytics and automation to accelerate customer acquisition efforts from marketing through sales. However, customer retention has been largely marginalized, with many organizations continuing to rely on outdated manual processes like spreadsheets and database exports.

As companies today are increasingly being paid over a period of time versus a fixed, lump-sum up-front, customer retention represents a huge revenue opportunity. However, siloed data sets, error-prone guesswork and manual workflows prevent companies from understanding their customers and driving aligned customer retention efforts.

In this webinar, Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies, shares changes that are occurring in the SaaS Industry and how those changes are affecting the Renewal Process. In addition, Ron Baden, Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of Host Analytics, explains why Host Analytics, the leading cloud corporate performance management business analytics company, has world class customer retention. Ron also shares his innovative and effective processes which are increasing renewals and discovering growth opportunities.

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