Gainsight Glossary

Services Customer Engagement

When companies provide excellent customer services, customer engagement also increases manifold. This leads to healthy customer relationship which in turn improves brand loyalty.

Gainsight knows that the quality of customer service greatly affects the profit margins of any company. A mediocre or average customer service can lead to customer defection while excellent customer service would not only ensure customer loyalty but also convert customers to passionate promoters. Though customer service is just a part of overall customer experience, its role is significant as it can turn a negative experience into a positive one. Below are some measures that Gainsight recommends to increase customer service.

  • Never overpromise and under deliver
  • Stick to deadlines and be true to one’s word
  • Follow up on both positive and negative feedbacks
  • Constantly strive to improve the levels of customer service
  • Know customers and understand their needs
  • Track metrics to measure the success of customer service
  • Learn one’s business to impart knowledge to customers when necessary
  • Create customer focused processes
  • Respond quickly to address issues and analyze complaints and issues

A company’s reputation depends greatly on customer service. Therefore, provide excellent customer services to see customer engagement increasing.

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