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With Rybbon, companies generate more actionable data for stronger decision making and business results. Rybbon’s incentives and instant rewards make increasing customer engagement and survey response rates easy. This gives companies more data points to analyze, widening the depth and breadth of their customer feedback, and enabling valuable insights. 

Our easy-to-use integration helps companies harness the power of incentives without any of the headaches. No need to waste hours on administrative tasks with our automated incentives management process. Rybbon automatically delivers rewards by email to customers and survey respondents worldwide. Simply set up a curated gallery of rewards for your recipients to choose from and let our integration do the rest. And with Rybbon’s tracking capabilities, you get a 100% refund on unclaimed rewards. Save hours, save dollars, and get the results you need with Rybbon.

Rybbon’s integration with Gainsight enables Customer Experience teams to:

  • Achieve higher survey response rates

  • Capture timely feedback

    • Ex. ‘The first 250 respondents receive a reward!’

  • Avoid the “squeaky wheel” syndrome when only people who have had a negative experience with your brand respond with feedback. Capturing the sentiment from customers who had a positive or neutral experience is important as well. You need to hear from these customers as well to understand the overall customer experience. Rewards motivate and say “thank you” for a customer’s time and feedback.

Rybbon’s integration with Gainsight enables Product Experience teams to:

  • Motivate user behavior

    • Ex. ‘Once you complete your profile, you will earn a reward.’

  • Drive higher adoption of products or features 

    • Ex. ‘The first 100 users to try our new product will receive a reward!’

  • Attain more feedback at every step of the user's journey

    • Ex. ‘We see you are enjoying our new feature. Share your feedback for a reward.’

Rybbon’s integration with Gainsight enables Customer Success teams to:

  • Encourage continuous training for existing customers

    • Ex. ‘Watch this video tutorial and receive a $5 gift card!'

  • Incentivize the completion of training programs for new customers

    • Ex. ‘Thank you for completing the training. You have earned a reward!’

  • Guide customers to follow a desired journey.

    • Ex. ‘You have achieved X milestone. You have earned a reward!’