Gainsight Professional Services

Set customers from Day 1 on a great path to realize a continuous ROI with Gainsight

Meet this Partner

Who else knows Gainsight better than… Gainsight! Gainsight Professional Services is the strategy and technology consulting organization within Gainsight chartered to accelerate client’s business goals through the delivery of best-in-class Gainsight Customer Success, PX and Digital Hub product onboarding, End-User and Administrator training, and all post-live technical/functional consulting services to Gainsight’s clients. Our mission is simple… “to set customers from Day 1 on a great path to realize a continuous ROI with Gainsight”.

With over 90 experienced professionals globally, Gainsight Professional Services has the unique experience of having partnered with over 1,200 Gainsight clients by delivering over 400,000 project hours to-date. We have the most complete understanding of our own products, solutions and Customer Success industry best practices to help clients of all sizes, geographies, and industries continuously maximize the short- and long-term value of their Gainsight investment.

Our consulting expertise is aligned along three tenets of client success:

Accelerate Value
Gainsight’s Accelerate onboarding methodology is the proven, practical onboarding approach leveraging the experience of thousands of client onboardings. The Accelerate methodology processes, templates, tools, and inherent best practices are uniquely built to drive our client’s success from day one and to begin unlocking immediate Gainsight value in as little as two weeks.

Best Practice Configuration
Our consultants leverage experience from all of Gainsight’s clients to design and build solutions that address out client’s unique business needs. Additionally, with continuous discussions and access to our product design and engineering teams, we bring both the current and directional knowledge of the Gainsight solutions directly to our clients to ensure that they leverage the most advanced knowledge of the solution capability to its fullest extent.

Proven Solutions
From productized offerings to client-specific solutions, the foundation of success in designing and delivering value-based outcomes for our clients allows Gainsight Professional Services to continue building and implementing Gainsight solutions that are aligned with a framework of Customer Success best practices. There is seldom a use-case that Gainsight Professional Services has not already seen and that knowledge and experience is brought to every one of our clients to ensure the greatest ROI and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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