Enable your team with essential customer information at their fingertips
In preparing for meetings, does your team waste time having to track down critical customer data from disparate systems? 360 View centralizes that data to provide a single source of truth on a customer, product, or relationship, enabling your team to quickly digest key customer information and have more impactful interactions.

Align on a Single Source of Truth

Consolidate data from multiple sources into a central view, enabling your teams to quickly and easily access a holistic view of their customer.

The right information for every user

Create multiple layouts to present the right information to the right user. Customize each layout to show relevant data based on the user’s role, customer’s segment, or other relevant attributes.

Create consistent, unified experiences

Empower your cross-functional team to deliver consistent, unified experiences by granting access to critical insights in a convenient location.

  • "We had an organizational shift—a realignment in our strategy about how we should be working with our customers to make an impact—and Gainsight was integral to that strategy." Casey Clegg, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Twilio


Innovative companies are protecting and nurturing their most valuable asset—their customers—with the power of Gainsight's award-winning platform.

Our customers use the Gainsight Platform to predict and manage customer risk, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions across their teams to drive expansion and advocacy at scale.

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