Get more Customer Success power for your HubSpot + Gainsight technology stack.

Eliminate data gaps between your HubSpot CRM and Gainsight platform using the most robust out-of-the box customer success integration with more than a dozen HubSpot objects.

All The Ways To Connect Gainsight CS and HubSpot CRM

Drive customer success across your entire company with Gainsight and Hubspot.

Gainsight helps Hubspot users turn disparate customer data from different sources into insights and actions to drive engagement across your entire customer base.

Companies like Olive App built their CS program from the ground up with Gainsight. Find out how they got their onboarding and renewal process on track in just 4 weeks.

With a little guidance and a few proven success strategies, you implement effective customer success strategies quickly. Get started with this step-by-step guide.

Learn how Gainsight and Hubspot work together to grow your customers.

Robust, Bi-directional Sync

The Gainsight CS connector with HubSpot CRM offers integration with more-objects, with bi-directional sync across more data than any other CS application in the HubSpot Marketplace. Keep teams aligned in order to maximize retention and revenue from customers.

Sync Data With Gainsight Timeline

Keep teams in-the-loop by creating bi-directional visibility into notes, emails and all your customer touch-points occurring in both systems!

Fuel Your Revenue Flywheel

Orchestrate go-to-market activities between sales, marketing and customer success by creating unparalleled visibility between teams with transparent access to customer health, sentiment and survey responses.

Boost Productivity

Keep Sales, Marketing and CS team activities focused on their respective systems-of-record.

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