Cooking (well) can be a challenge. There’s ingredients to keep track of, steps to follow, and that extra pinch of flavor that’s just right for each individual to make a dish of their own. But when you have a great sous chef at your side, getting things right becomes almost easy.

Watch Gainsight for a look back – and forward – in our final entry in the Digital CS Chef’s Kiss series, covering how AI is shaping up to be your sous chef for Customer Success. You’ll hear:

  • How predictive digital strategies are fueling new productivity and efficiency in CS
  • How Gainsight’s latest AI functionality brings these strategies to life, and
  • The latest CS and AI insights from Gainsight’s CS Index and AI Survey reports on where CS is headed in 2024



Tyler McNally
Vice President of Customer Experience and Operations at Gainsight

tori j.jpeg

Tori Jeffcoat
Product Marketing Leader at Gainsight


Julie Fox
Sr. Manager, Customer Success at FloQast

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