In the second session of our Digital CS bootcamp series, we’ll discuss how to plan, organize and launch proactive digital strategies as organizations make the leap to digital CS motions. You’ll gain an understanding of how proactive programs can centralize your existing resources, improve customers overall experience and time to value, and streamline repeated customer questions to give your CSMs time back to focus on high value activities.

  • Address common customer needs through proactive, self-serve motions
  • Learn how to get started deploying these strategies for your organization
  • Understand both pitfalls, and tips to hit the ground running



Harshi Banka
Senior Director of Strategy, Digital Customer Success at Gainsight


Joris Dieben
Senior Vice President and GM, inSided at Gainsight


Nisha Baxi
Director of Community at Gong

Sonam Dabholkar
Director of Customer Success Operations at Gong

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