As a customer success leader you’re faced with an interesting dilemma – company leadership is looking at you for ways to maintain or increase retention rates, without significantly scaling your CS teams.

The most innovative companies understand the value of a digital customer success strategy, and how it benefits all customers, not just the smallest ones. While automating some tasks can certainly free up CS team members’ time, the real key to scalability and customer-centricity is providing better, more self-service experiences for customers to learn from each other and your educational material.

Watch our webinar to learn how to leverage contextual learning and community to create a digital customer success strategy that drives customer engagement and retention. You’ll hear from industry experts about the latest trends and best practices in digital customer success, and learn how to apply these strategies to your own business.

Event Specifics:



Mike Barnes
Head of ISV & Tech Partnerships at Gainsight



Frances Kleven
Director, Enterprise Customer Success at LearnUpon


Kenneth Refsgaard
Principal Program Manager, Community and CS Strategy at Gainsight

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