Communicating with customers is hard.

As a customer-centric company, it’s crucial to make sure customers stay in the loop and engaged with your company – helping you avoid surprise churn. The problem is, customers are already inundated with outreach from everyone else. How do you stand out?

Join Armin Pop, Product Specialist at Gainsight and Juan Del Rio, Community Manager at Devo, to discover key customer communication strategies and learn what it takes to be an effective communicator.

You’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate digital CS strategies to personalize, manage, and scale customer communications.
  • Building effective onboarding, product adoption, and re-engagement programs leveraging your community
  • How Devo’s community team uses Digital Hub’s new Email Campaigns and Segments features to drive customer engagement.
  • Change Management – getting your team on board and getting started with digital CS.

Whether you’re just getting started with digital CS or a digital veteran, you’re bound to learn something new. We’ll see you Tuesday, September 26 at 11 AM PST!

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