Achieving customer success (and retention) starts with successful onboarding. Customers need to be guided quickly to value-add features, and well educated on those features to achieve success with your product.

In this era, understanding your customers is imperative, but weaving your customers’ needs into onboarding education programs is what will make your customers instantly sticky.

Join Vishnu Prasad, Head of Solutions and Onboarding at Rocketlane, Steve Cornwell, founder of Northpass (recently acquired by Gainsight), Carla Andre-Brown, Associate Product Trainer at Luma Health, and Yvonne Hui, Program Manager, Customer Onboarding & Implementation at Luma Health. The panel will explore how strategic onboarding and customer-centric education come together to drive product adoption now and in the future.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to design a strategic, customer-centric onboarding process
  • When to scale onboarding programs through digital customer education that drives product adoption

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