Gainsight Glossary

Customer 360 View

Know thy customer is one of the fundamental principles of customer acquisition and retention. Deep understanding of customer interests and intent can help companies provide consistent and quality service to the customers.

Gainsight, the leading customer success management company, knows the importance of providing personalized customer experience. It knows that a happy customer is more likely to repeat orders and one of the best ways to make a customer happy is by providing a great customer experience. Hence, it leverages customer intelligence and big data to enhance its customer 360 view. Below are some measures implemented by Gainsight to build its 360 degree customer view.

  • Ensures customer facing teams jointly gather and analyze customer data
  • Integrates all customer information in to one repository to ensure a single view
  • Consolidates all customer data and customer interaction to speed up response time and ensure a speedy service
  • Tracks customer actions to provide right service at the right time
  • Understands customer intent and interests to predict future needs

A great customer experience persuades customers to stay and be loyal. Therefore, build a good customer 360 view and reduce churn and drive sales.

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