Gainsight Glossary

Examples Of Customer Focus

With most companies and customers preferring a subscription based business model, customer focus becomes imperative to realize business goals and objectives. The profit oriented approach, where companies consider customers as mere numbers for measuring financial performance, would no longer yield results.

Gainsight adopts a customer-focused approach to improve sales and profits. It knows for sure that ensuring customer happiness and success would prevent customers from switching loyalties. It focuses on developing and sustaining productive customer relationships to get to know customers and their needs and expectations. Below are some examples of customer focus strategies implemented by Gainsight.

  • Uses data, analytics and technology for customer acquisition and retention
  • Employs effective measures to identify ‘at risk’ customers and prevent customer defection
  • Leverages customer intelligence to extend the lifetime value of healthy customers
  • Integrates people, process and technology to reduce churn, identify opportunities and manage retention

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