Gainsight Glossary

SaaS Customer Support Best Practices

In an effort to surpass their competitors, SaaS companies must implement effective strategies that expand their customer base and provide value to their existing customers.

Gainsight, the customer success management for the enterprise, knows that excellent customer support is the key to customer acquisition and retention. It leverages customer intelligence and automation to identify dissatisfied customers and build customer experience to increase customer satisfaction. This enables Gainsight to manage retention, trim down unexpected churn and discover upsell opportunities. Below are some SaaS customer support best practices that Gainsight implements to create and retain customers:

  • Increases revenue through new and existing customer base

  • Automates customer retention and makes it as data-driven as customer acquisition

  • Builds relationships based on trust and reliability with customers

  • Ensures success for all stakeholders including customers, investors, partners and employees

  • Leverages data science and automation to drive customer value

Named by Gartner as the 2014 cool vendor for CRM sales, Gainsight believes that the true value of success is when customers achieve it by using a product or service. Gainsight uses its customer intelligent automation technology to gain visibility into customer usage pattern. This enables Gainsight to not only retain customers but also enhance customer success.

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