Gainsight Glossary

Utility Renewal Rates

Customer intelligence is critical for utility businesses looking to drive renewals

Customer intelligence: The collection, analysis, and application of customer data to improve strategies and customer relationships.

Utility businesses depend on customer intelligence to deliver exceptional customer experiences, reduce churn, and drive revenue growth. However, jumping between disparate sources to collect data can be a hassle and has impeded many businesses from evolving their customer intelligence strategy. To streamline the process, it’s important to have a central source of information that puts all that data in one easy-to-access place. Gainsight’s robust platform acts as your data center and gives you the ability to collect and analyze customer data with ease.

Gainsight Customer Case Study: FirstFuel

FirstFuel is a platform that delivers customer intelligence to over 30 energy providers in North America and Europe. As the global leader in customer engagement for energy providers, they looked to Gainsight to help them improve business customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth. Gainsight helped FirstFuel achieve the following results:

  • 5% increase in retention
  • Increased efficiency allowed them to grow CSM account loads by 40%
  • Drastic reduction in customer issues and resolution time

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