Find insights from your data and drive action with Gainsight Analytics

Use our intuitive reporting engine with a drag and drop interface, to create reports and dashboards to manage your business. Choose from an extensive library of visualizations, tailor dashboards to your specific requirements and roles, and provide answers to that “pressing question” with drill-through, interactive, ad-hoc pivot and dynamic ranking capabilities.

Explore data and reveal trends

Create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights. Look at usage, billing data, one-on-one and one-to-many interactions and survey results

  • Leverage intelligence from disparate sources
  • Profile, segment and report on your customer base
  • Excel-like capabilities for intuitive navigation. Sort, filter, pivot and export reports

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting and Analytics

Uncover growth and upsell opportunities

Build a renewals dashboard to keep this quarter’s renewing accounts top of mind. Compare whitespace of products and contracts against account health for your likeliest candidates of upsell.

  • Use aggregated customer information to identify opportunities
  • Measure retention, growth, and churn; use these metrics to forecast revenue
  • Import reports into the 360 view to focus on a specific customer

Reporting and Analytics

Create role-relevant dashboards

Gain business insights around retention, growth, opportunity, and lifecycle stage tailored to every role. Make faster, better-informed decisions with all your critical information in a single dashboard.

  • Understand your customer portfolio and discover risk and growth signals.
  • Slice and dice aggregated customer data to identify and nurture factors that drives stickiness.
  • Export reports in excel, ppt and PNG formats to share them in your external and internal meetings.

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting and Analytics

For how we use Gainsight at my company, we call it “The Tool of Truth”. It holds all information about customers and accounts that we rely on it for almost everything.

Damon Wong

Customer Success