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That prospect you’re courting? They’re going to engage with you 9X longer as a customer than as a prospect… Are you prepared? Do you want to extend their time subscribing to your service? Then it's critical that they can quantify and agree with the value you bring them every day.

ValueCloud® is a SaaS-based, enterprise-class Customer Value Management platform helping companies including DocuSign, ACI, Caterpillar, Marketo, VMware, CrowdStrike and ServiceNow measure, track and communicate quantified value and the economic impact of solutions across a customer’s lifetime.

By storing and processing customer value data at an enterprise level, ValueCloud® enables:

  • Product managers to price based on quantifiable value
  • Marketers to communicate the economic value of solutions
  • Salespersons to differentiate and elevate conversations by leading with value, and
  • Customer Success organizations to ensure solutions support value commitments made to a customer and deliver upon the expectations

The benefits that DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® integration with Gainsight brings to Customer Success teams is:

  • Clear alignment with customer business KPIs
  • Value achieved over time is captured and monitored, allowing customer achievement to play a direct role in every customer engagement
  • Provides formalized structure to capture case study content
  • Reduced churn and protects margins
  • Promotes cross-sell and upsell

Would you like to go live in 90 days? Do you want to see the impact on your renewals this quarter?

Learn how DecisionLink and Gainsight can better-align your Product, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to leverage value as a strategic asset, here.