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Gainsight Acquires Leading Customer Education Platform Northpass

Latest Acquisition Expands Gainsight’s Product Portfolio and Cements Its Position As the Leader in Digital Customer Success

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 11, 2023 Gainsight, the world’s leading Customer Success platform, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Northpass, a privately held company based in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Northpass is the leading customer education platform that helps mid-market and enterprise companies create engaging and effective digital customer education programs. It was recently named the Best Customer Education Learning Management System (LMS) of 2023 at the annual SIIA CODiE Awards and G2 recognized it as a Leader and High Performer in Customer Education Software in its Spring 2023 Report. The solution is used by nearly 350 B2B and B2C companies, including Walmart, Freshworks, Glassdoor, Pipedrive, AgriWebb, Bonfire, and Front.

According to a recent survey by TSIA, 93% of education teams are investing or planning to invest in LMS tools and technology and 72% are investing or planning to invest in data analytics tools and technology. The addition of Northpass to Gainsight’s product portfolio creates the only end-to-end Customer Success platform in the market, allowing businesses to not only automate their high-touch customer success management efforts but also scale them more efficiently by leveraging digital channels such as automated email journeys, in-app product engagements, customer communities, and now customer education and training. With Gainsight, businesses can drive Net Revenue Retention (NRR) across multiple phases of the customer journey while consolidating their spend with a single, AI-driven platform.

“In an economy where a higher value is placed on profitability than growth, a business’s ability to retain and expand their existing customer base in a cost-efficient way is absolutely critical,” said Robin van Lieshout, Chief Strategy Officer at Gainsight. “That’s why Digital Customer Success (DCS) is so important—it’s purpose-built to help companies meet their customers where they’re at and deliver a consistent customer journey at scale. And with customer education being such an important component of a well-rounded DCS strategy, you can see why we’re so excited about the addition of Northpass and the value the solution will deliver for our customers.”

“Digital customer education significantly reduces the time customer success teams spend training customers manually and delivers the modern learning experience that customers expect,” said Stephen Cornwell, Founder and CEO of Northpass. “I’m thrilled for Northpass to join forces with Gainsight. Integrating digital learning with community, in-app product engagement, and rich customer success data unlocks unprecedented opportunities for driving new levels of operating efficiency and superior customer experiences—both critical to succeeding in today’s economy.”

Customer Education Is the First Step to Efficient Retention:
Businesses can start their customers on the right foot by:

  • Efficiently delivering on-demand learning experiences customers can access 24/7, which eliminates 1:1 training, thereby reducing costs. 
  • Boosting customer engagement through embedded learning on their website or app to increase reach and customer satisfaction.

While in turn, businesses benefit in several other ways:

  • Boosting the scale and efficiency of their Customer Success teams by eliminating the need for constant hand-holding from CSMs and helping them focus on more high-value activities such as renewals and expansion. 
  • Elevating the customer experience through a seamless learning experience at scale. Effortless learning experiences not only boost training engagement but also drive CSAT/NPS, product usage, and revenue.

And by integrating training data such as course completion rates into their customer’s health score in Gainsight, Customer Success teams can further automate key workflows and have more confidence in the predictability of their gross and net retention rates.

“Like many companies, recurring revenue is one of our primary business metrics,” said Mark Kish, Director of Customer Success Operations at Glassdoor. “Gainsight CS and Northpass have been critical in training, retaining, and expanding our customer relationships and helping us scale efficiently. We’re excited to see these two industry leaders join forces to provide greater value to customers.”

About Gainsight

Gainsight’s innovative platform helps companies of all sizes and industries drive durable growth. It offers a powerful set of customer success, product experience, and community engagement solutions that together enable businesses to scale efficiently, create alignment, and put the customer at the heart of innovation. With Gainsight, it’s never been easier to drive acquisition, increase product adoption, prevent churn, and grow with renewals and expansion. Learn how leading companies such as GE Digital, SAP Concur, and Box use Gainsight at 

About Northpass

Northpass is a market-leading digital customer education platform that empowers businesses to elevate their customer experience and optimize operational efficiency through digital learning. Iconic brands, including Walmart, in addition to hundreds of growth businesses, like Pipedrive and Freshworks, choose Northpass to power their digital customer academies. Our award-winning platform and expert services give companies a surefire path to transform outdated customer training methods into modern digital education programs that match how customers want to learn today and improve training efficiency, effectiveness, and reach. Learn more at


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