Gainsight Announces New Capabilities That Enable Businesses To Build Efficient, Durable Growth Image

Gainsight Announces New Capabilities That Enable Businesses To Build Efficient, Durable Growth

New tools enable digital-led customer collaboration, customer-centric product innovation, and AI-optimized customer management

San Francisco, California (August 18, 2022) Gainsight announced a breadth of new capabilities to help companies put customers at the center of their operations, improve Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and drive durable growth. The capabilities enable companies to execute digital-led customer collaboration, use AI to optimize their customer management, and define product roadmaps that drive customer outcomes. The announcements were made at Pulse, the company’s annual customer conference which is being held in person and broadcast live from Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Along with the product announcement, Gainsight also launched The Durable Growth Playbook. The playbook consists of best practices to help businesses emerge stronger during the current wave of economic turmoil that has hit the technology sector.

Digital-led Customer Collaboration

The capabilities announced in this category enable companies to digitally engage with their customers at scale across a breadth of resources that include community content, product documentation, success planning, adoption trends, and much more. Highlights of this category include:

  • Nucleus: Nucleus is designed to bring together all Customer Content, product feedback/ideation, and other customer-facing capabilities across all of Gainsight’s product lines (CS, PX, Digital Hub) into a centralized customer-facing hub. The capabilities within Nucleus are designed to digitally scale collaboration, education, support, and efficiently drive success across all stages of the customer journey. Highlights of capabilities that were demonstrated on stage as part of Nucleus included:
    • Community content
    • Product documentation
    • Thought leadership
    • A.I. recommended e-learning paths
  • Nucleus Spaces: Nucleus Spaces are private collaboration spaces between certain teams within a company (e.g. CS teams, product teams) and its customers. Highlights of capabilities demonstrated on stage as part of Nucleus Spaces include:
    • Adoption trends
    • Health trends
    • Success Plans
    • Renewal information

Customer-centric Product Innovation

The capabilities announced in this category enable companies to bring the voice of customers and customer communities closer to product management.

  • Product Requests: Gainsight leads the market with existing capabilities that enable businesses to aggregate product feedback from communities and in-app bots and integrate that feedback with roadmap planning tools like ProductBoard. With this release, Gainsight is extending this leadership with a new capability that makes it easy for customer success teams to submit product requests to product management teams on behalf of customers directly in Gainsight CS and to track the progress of those product requests in a structured way.

AI-Optimized Customer Management

The capabilities announced in this category enable companies to use the power of AI to optimize critical aspects of customer management at scale to drive higher adoption and minimize churn. Highlights of this category include:

  • Journey Optimizer: Gainsight has led the market in the realm of digital workflow automation in Customer Success with Journey Orchestrator. This year, Gainsight is doubling down on this leadership with the announcement of Journey Optimizer. Powered by Horizon AI, this capability automatically suggests what steps to add to a customer journey.
  • Scorecard Optimizer: Scorecard Optimizer, which is also powered by Horizon AI, improves the accuracy of a company’s existing health score model. It makes intelligent recommendations for scorecard changes – such as different weightings, new measures to include, and thresholds – to improve the accuracy and predictive power of scorecards.
  • Retention Optimizer: Product teams can use Retention Optimizer to provide a better product experience that keeps more users coming back to their product. The Horizon AI-enabled capability automatically identifies the stickiest features and surfaces opportunities to further improve user retention. With this, Gainsight customers gain new product insights without spending time trying to discover them.

“Our focus with these new capabilities is to help businesses drive efficient, durable growth,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, Executive Vice President of Products and Design at Gainsight. “More than ever, businesses need to listen to their customers and engage them thoughtfully. The new capabilities continue our customer-centric innovation and help businesses meet the market’s new demands.”

To learn more about these and all the announcements made at Pulse 2022, visit the Pulse Library.

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