Gainsight Debuts Generative AI Customer Success Capabilities at Pulse Conference Image

Gainsight Debuts Generative AI Customer Success Capabilities at Pulse Conference

An extension of Gainsight’s existing Horizon AI, the new capabilities accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of Digital Customer Success strategies

San Francisco, California (May 17, 2023) Gainsight, the industry’s leading customer success platform, announced generative AI features for Customer Success professionals today during the keynote presentation at Pulse, its annual conference happening this week at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The first in a series of forthcoming announcements from Gainsight regarding generative AI, the capabilities are part of the company’s Horizon AI feature set.

Generative AI is fast becoming one of the most powerful technologies due to its ability to simplify the synthesis of large amounts of data into consumable formats, create narratives and contextualize information. Meanwhile, Customer Success teams are increasingly seeking out digital tools that drive efficiency and effectiveness within their resource-constrained organizations.

Gainsight has already been leading the way in AI for customer success teams since launching Horizon AI, its artificial intelligence framework, in November 2021 with features designed to support Customer Success Managers (CSMs) with analytical capabilities, including insights to forecast renewals, understand customer sentiment, and improve retention and expansion conversations.

The latest release expands the focus of Horizon to encompass generative capabilities and includes:

  • Customer Cheat Sheet – Powered by Horizon AI, generates a narrative customer summary that includes key customer metrics, strategic priorities, a prioritized list of product requests, recent escalations, open tickets, executive changes, and more. This saves teams hours of time that is often spent on creating these narrative summaries for key stakeholders or executives.
  • Survey Takeaways – Powered by Horizon AI, generates a list of the key themes running through survey responses by analyzing large amounts of survey data. This saves teams large amounts of time that is often spent trying to manually analyze survey data to narrow down a few key thematic areas to focus on.
  • Smart Search – Powered by Horizon AI, uses natural language queries to find the right information and suggest the right action, saving Customer Success teams time and effort to search for words, phrases, or data.
  • Setup Assist – Powered by Horizon AI, empowers Gainsight users to build onboarding plans, success plans, customer goals, email engagements, reports, dashboards, as well as various other customer journey components via interactive chat.

Moving forward, Gainsight is committed to continuing to invest in advancing its industry-leading products with artificial intelligence for customer success teams. The company has a robust Horizon AI roadmap that includes both analytical and generative features that will deliver a powerful combination of insights and auto-generated content.

“Generative AI is incredibly powerful and a transformational business tool,” said Karl Rumelhart, Gainsight’s President for Products, Technology, and Global Operations. “Horizon AI’s generative capabilities can now help customer success teams take action on the insights buried within data and work more efficiently at scale. This represents a huge step forward in the power of the platform and will help our customers meet current market needs by giving them the ability to do more with less.”

Gainsight customers who are interested in learning more about our generative AI features and roadmap can register to be a part of our beta program here.

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