Gainsight Gained Ground in Q2 2023 With Focus on Durable Growth Through Customer, Product, and Community-led Strategies Image

Gainsight Gained Ground in Q2 2023 With Focus on Durable Growth Through Customer, Product, and Community-led Strategies

Highlights include new customers across product lines, a series of product updates, key management appointments, multiple office openings, and company awards

San Francisco, California (September 22, 2022) Gainsight the platform to drive durable growth, completed another successful quarter on July 31st, the second in its 2023 fiscal year. The company’s focus on driving durable growth for its customers through customer-led, product-led and community-led strategies was instrumental in helping attract new customers across product lines, enhance its product suite, grow the team, expand geographically and earn industry recognition.

“In the current market, Customer Success, Product, and Community professionals are more important than ever. As key drivers of durable growth, they’re helping their companies withstand market forces. We’re so inspired by what they’ve accomplished and the impact they are having on the SaaS world,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight.

Gainsight’s Q2 2023 highlights included:

Accelerated Employee Growth Worldwide

Gainsight added 145 people in Q2 which represents an 8% increase in employee headcount. The appointments spanned departments and regions and were highlighted by the hiring of Haruka Kinumura as Country Manager of Gainsight Japan. The company now has over 1200 employees worldwide.

New Offices in the US and Internationally

Gainsight expanded its presence in India by moving into a new office in Hyderabad, headquarters of the company’s engineering and UX teams. Gainsight India currently has almost 700 employees across Hyderabad and Bangalore – up from 389 before the pandemic. The new office can accommodate up to 800 employees.

Gainsight also opened a new office in St. Louis, where the company was founded. 

Recognition from Industry and Business Groups

In Q2, Gainsight earned multiple awards, including the 2022 US Great Place to Work certification, Fortune Best Workplaces in the Bay Area, and Top 100 Software Companies according to the Software Report.

A Growing Presence in the Community

CS YOU, an initiative launched as part of Pulse Impact in partnership with SV Academy, continued to level the career playing field in Customer Success through enhanced training and access. As of May 2022, 277 people had graduated from the program, with 74% having already earned full-time employment.

Also in Q2, Gainsight launched the Admin Leadership League (ALL), which offers intensive training that ensures students are GS Admin-ready and can secure a full-time opportunity in the industry. The program is designed to help individuals from rural cities in India who lack placement assistance, mothers returning to work, and individuals with disabilities.

Enhancements to Its Customer Success, Product Experience, and Community Offerings

In Q2, Gainsight continued delivering enhancements that introduce simplicity into the admin experience in its Customer Success (CS) product.

  • With Self-Service Analytics, CSMs, executives, and cross-functional leaders now have the power to build and share reports and dashboards they need without having to submit requests to the administrator or learn the complexities of all data objects and architecture.
  • Gainsight Administrators can now design basic customer journeys with a single, predefined source and a single action type using Journey Orchestrator Simple Programs
  • Companies can now better control how users and teams interact with customer data with  Company Teams, more easily centralize updates on customer interactions across their tech stack with Timeline APIs, and build the most effective layouts for every user with updates to Gainsight Home.

Gainsight enhanced its Product Experience (PX) product as well, with:

  • A new Engagement Editor that allows users to build more impactful, branded engagements and deliver a better end-user experience, all easier than ever before. 
  • A new multi-product innovation that allows Product teams to trigger in-app engagements for targeted users in one product based on their actions in another product.
  • Content Recommendations that allow PX users to deliver contextual recommendations to their end users based on account attributes.

In addition, the company launched a PLG Micro-Certification in partnership with Product School, and Push to Production, a new editorial destination that centralizes all Gainsight content on topics related to product-led growth, product management, career paths, product analytics, and more.

Digital Hub launched a number of enhancements for Community teams, including:

  • A new no-code widget library that makes it easier to build a hub homepage that’s specific to your community
  • A new user overview with more filters, allowing Community managers to segment user bases and focus on e.g. the most or least engaged users 
  • A federated search API that allows users to pull any external content into the Customer Hub

To learn more about upcoming enhancements and feature releases, join us at Evolve on October 6th. 

Notable New Customer Logos 

Gainsight added new customers across its products in Q2. Companies buying Gainsight CS included BuilderTrend and Truework. New PX customers included BIMOne. Ideagen purchased both Customer Success and PX while Automation Anywhere became an InSided customer.

About Gainsight

Gainsight’s innovative platform helps companies of all sizes and industries drive durable growth through customer-led, product-led, and community-led strategies. It offers a powerful set of customer success, product experience, and community engagement solutions that together enable businesses to scale efficiently, create alignment, and put the customer at the heart of innovation. With Gainsight, it’s never been easier to drive acquisition, increase product adoption, prevent churn, and grow with renewals and expansion. Learn how leading companies such as GE Digital, SAP Concur, and Box use Gainsight at


Jordan Sher
Vice President, Corporate and Brand Marketing