Gainsight Horizon Experience Design System Now Available as Horizon Experience 4U Image

Gainsight Horizon Experience Design System Now Available as Horizon Experience 4U

[San Francisco, CA – October 15, 2020] — Gainsight announced today at their Pulse for Product conference that it is making the company’s Horizon Experience design system available to the world as Horizon Experience 4U. Horizon Experience 4U will make it easier for product designers and engineers to use Gainsight’s inventory of components and use cases — optimized to reduce time to value and improve product adoption — in their own product experience efforts.

Gainsight’s Horizon Experience was announced at Gainsight’s Pulse conference in May 2020 as a first of its kind product experience for customer success and product professionals. Since the announcement, over 80% of the Gainsight platform has been made available in the Horizon Experience, and the remaining Gainsight products will be complete in early 2021. 

The Gainsight Horizon Experience is the company’s innovative design system built on the Gainsight NXT platform, allowing customers to integrate with the CRM of their choice for faster value, a stunning UI, and maximum flexibility. 

“With increasingly sophisticated products, product designers and engineers need to satisfy detailed requirements but also prioritize intuitive experiences,” said Ciara Peter, VP of Product Design at Gainsight. “Gainsight has made significant investments in product design to allow our team to do this, and do so quickly. We are proud to make our product design leadership available to all designers and developers looking to explore ways to bring simplified, consistent experiences into their innovative products similarly.”

Product Insights for Informed Roadmap Decisions

During the Product Keynote for Pulse for Product, the company also announced a significant innovation around Gainsight PX, Roadmap Reflections. Roadmap Reflections is a module within the Gainsight Customer Cloud aimed at Product Managers and Product Leaders that analyzes customer data from various sources within Gainsight’s platform and creates a unified view of roadmap insights and suggestions. It provides Product Leaders with a ranked list of recommended areas to focus on from a roadmap perspective. The ranking considers factors such as usage, account health, revenue associated with the product module, user sentiment, upcoming renewals, and more. This analysis provides a rich, data-driven view of your recommended roadmap investments and prevents common expensive mistakes overlooked in product roadmaps that aren’t derived from the same integrated perspective. 

“The difference between having a great roadmap aligned to product-market fit, and not having it, literally means to win vs. to lose in the business of Products,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, SVP Products at Gainsight. “Gainsight Roadmap Reflections will lead the way in providing the only integrated view of customer success, customer experience, product experience, and financial factors, helping product leaders create great product-market fit.”

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