Gainsight™ Introduces the Official Partner Ecosystem for Customer Success Industry Image

Gainsight™ Introduces the Official Partner Ecosystem for Customer Success Industry

Trusted Affiliates Join Forces to Create the Platform of Record for the Chief Customer Officer

[San Mateo, CA – April 10, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, announced today at its annual Pulse conference the launch of the first-of-its-kind partner ecosystem for the Customer Success industry. The new ecosystem is comprised of trusted, certified service and technology partners, and is the next evolution in Gainsight’s rapid growth as the premier Customer Success platform. Gainsight designed the ecosystem to answer customer needs for a simple and effective means of implementing Customer Success programs and drive customer-centric transformation. Initial member companies include Accenture, Coastal Cloud, ServiceSource and Waterstone Management Group.

In an effort to help drive more impactful outcomes for customers, Gainsight’s announcement of their ecosystem has created a more seamless way to bring together all of the different pieces companies are using to manage Customer Success, in a curated fashion, so that customers can achieve the most impactful results and the best time to value.

“Sales and marketing have long benefited from established ecosystems of services and solutions providers that exist to serve both the breadth and depth of use cases within that industry,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “With the Gainsight partner ecosystem, we are bringing that same value to Chief Customer Officers and their organizations — creating a trusted roadmap for building and scaling Customer Success and ultimately driving outcomes on behalf of both customer and company.”

Many companies today claim to focus on impacting Customer Success, but understanding which vendors are trusted within the marketplace has proven to be a challenge. Many customers that are building a Customer Success discipline have purchased technology, engaged service organizations who have claimed to deliver outcomes through Customer Success, but ultimately fell short. The vision of the Gainsight partner ecosystem is to solve this problem by creating a trusted stamp of approval for vendors with the values, skills, capabilities, experiences and technology offerings to deliver on the promise of Customer Success.

Extending The Customer Success Value Chain

According to a 2017 Constellation Research report, “an organization uses an average of 27 to 29 CX software solutions from as many as 23 to 25 vendors.” The report adds that despite the common use of multiple solutions, companies are only using a fraction of the functionality provided by each vendor. Customers end up buying multiple point solutions that are independent of each other, resulting in more expenses, complexity and less return on investment.

While vendors are unable to solve every customer problem exclusively, they can adapt their business model and expand their offerings with a partner ecosystem model, resulting in added value for their customers. According to Gartner’s 2017 CIO Agenda Report, one of the differentiating factors in a high-performance digital business is the participation in a digital ecosystem – with 79 percent of leading organizations engaging in one.

By creating the partner ecosystem, Gainsight filled the void to eliminate complexity for its customers – bringing together point solutions that solve more customer needs, optimize their existing investment with the platform, and make way for future innovations in the Customer Success industry. More importantly, Gainsight is focused on narrowing the ecosystem to selectively include premier partners to assure customers they are working with a trusted vendor that has the values, skills, and capabilities to deliver on the promise of Customer Success.

 “Customer-centricity is core to our strategy, and being a Gainsight partner expands the value we can mutually provide to the market,” said David Parkhurst, VP of Global Marketing at ServiceSource. “Leveraging the Gainsight platform as a critical component of our Customer Success solution helps our sales teams drive exceptional customer outcomes. Our proven sales performance helps Gainsight customers realize the value of their investment in the software.”

“Being a Gainsight partner multiplies the value we can provide to our clients,” said Jamey Jeff, Managing Director at Coastal Cloud. “Leveraging the Gainsight platform in our solutions helps Coastal Cloud consistently connect the different clouds in the Salesforce ecosystem and drive customer-centric transformations for our clients.”

“Gainsight’s Technology Ecosystem is pivoting the world around the customer, and we’re extremely excited to be a part of it,” said Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive. “With the customer intelligence of Gainsight and the engagement horsepower of Influitive’s Advocate Hub, we’re a great combination to supercharge your Customer Success and advocacy initiatives.”

There are five types of organizations in the ecosystem:

  • Sales and Managed Services Partners streamline the process of scoping, implementing and administering Gainsight.
  • Implementation Partners are trained extensively on Gainsight products, tools and methods to enable efficient deployment and adoption of new capabilities.
  • Consulting Partners supplement their own unique offerings and perspectives with extensive training on Gainsight best practices to deliver world-class outcomes.
  • Investors Partners bring Customer Success management best practices and technology to their portfolio companies, investment teams and operating teams.
  • Technology Partners amplify the impact of their solutions through the customer intelligence, journey orchestration, and operational horsepower of the Gainsight platform to help companies increase product adoption, improve customer experience, drive advocacy, and more. Initial technology partners include: Wootric, UserIQ and Komiko. 

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