Gainsight Unveils Cadence: The High-Velocity Implementation Approach for Enterprise Customer Success Image

Gainsight Unveils Cadence: The High-Velocity Implementation Approach for Enterprise Customer Success

Customers Now Benefit From a Proven Methodology for Realizing Immediate Value From Gainsight

Redwood City, CA  – Dec. 5, 2014 –

Gainsight, the Customer Success company, today announced Gainsight Cadence, a prescriptive 11-step implementation methodology designed to drive immediate value from an investment in Gainsight’s industry-leading Customer Success technology. Refined from experience with hundreds of clients – from public enterprises like Adobe, BMC, and Workday with complex data and workflows to high-growth private companies like Gild, Intacct, and Marketo looking to scale their teams – Cadence offers the framework to ensure both technology and organizational transformation. This innovative approach focuses on driving incremental milestone achievement cross-functionally, delivering immediate value at every step of the journey. Along with Cadence, Gainsight is also announcing Success Express, the onsite workshop where even the most complex organizations can get value from Gainsight even faster – in just 4 days.

Gainsight also announced today that Ovum, an independent industry analyst and advisory firm, has placed Gainsight on their list of emerging technologies to watch. Ovum’s “On the Radar” series highlights innovative ideas, products, or business models that enterprises of every industry need to consider for success in a changing world. The report is available for download now.

“Deploying enterprise software is prototypically complex given the controls, change management, and data integration involved with implementations,” said Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight. “We’ve reimagined the process with Gainsight Cadence and have developed a high-touch, high-value and high-velocity model that delivers to our customers immediate value from Gainsight’s technology at every step of their journey. I’m excited to see the impact of Cadence beyond our products and to the enterprise software community as a whole.”

Cadence Helps Companies Realize Immediate Value

Gainsight today announced that Cadence and Success Express are available for all new customers. The Cadence methodology is refined after over six years of evolution to deliver immediate value, continuously along 11 high-impact steps.

Customer Success leaders now can:

    • Immediately touch their customers at scale. Proactive touches via NPS Surveys, Success Communications, and Sponsor Tracking.
    • Consistently track customer health. A robust view of health scores derived from quantitative and qualitative signs and a holistic Customer360 view that includes real-time engagement data.
    • Ultimately transform their customer processes. Triggered Lifecycle Rules, Engagement Analytics, and Cohort workflows to drive revenue, loyalty, and advocacy.

“In terms of my onboarding experience with Gainsight at Influitive (as I compare to a previous experience), you can really tell that Gainsight has invested in their customer success team and professional services. They have a very structured process and are making sure we make the right decisions by giving us options,” says Chad Horenfeldt, VP of Customer Success at Influitive. “That really helped streamline the process, and compared to my previous implementation experience as an early Gainsight customer, they are definitely much more efficient in terms of approach. We’ve had a better implementation, and I think we’re getting more value quicker.”

Cadence can be further accelerated by Success Express, the category’s first onsite go-live workshop designed to configure Gainsight’s leading Customer Success technology, benchmark processes, and learn best practices from industry veterans. Gainsight’s VP of Client Solutions, Denise Stokowski, will be hosting an informational webinar on December 11 at 10:00 AM PST to discuss Cadence and the journey companies will take to transform their strategies, people, operations, and technology.

Industry Analysts Recommend Gainsight As Essential to Modern CRM

As as longstanding pioneer of the subscription economy, Gainsight is thrilled to earn Ovum’s recognition is a critical layer of the modern customer relationship and engagement arsenal. As longstanding companies increasingly embark on customer-centric initiatives, Gainsight’s capabilities will deliver proven results to companies with complex workflows and customer data sources.

“Any firm that relies on subscriptions is potentially vulnerable to defection at short notice unless its customers are active and satisfied users of the product or service,” writes Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst of Customer Engagement at Ovum. “Gainsight provides the tools and mechanisms to preempt customer defection and to identify high-potential customers that present good upsell and cross-sell opportunities for increasing LTV. Ovum recommends Gainsight as an essential addition to the modern CRM and customer engagement arsenal.”

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