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Gainsight’s New Innovations Enable B2B SaaS Companies to Drive Durable Growth

At Evolve, the company’s quarterly product launch event, it announced enhancements to its Customer Success, Product Experience, and Community solutions

San Francisco, California (October 6, 2022) Gainsight the platform for Durable Growth™ kicked off Evolve, its quarterly product launch event, today with major updates to its key product lines. Together, the updates help B2B SaaS companies of all sizes and verticals drive durable growth through customer success, product experience, and community-led business strategies.

B2B SaaS companies are under more pressure than ever to articulate, implement and prove strategies that allow them to grow durably over the long term—not just over the next quarter or financial year, but consistently and efficiently, year after year. The most progressive among them are taking an integrated, three-pronged approach to solving this problem: 1) increasing NRR through customer renewals and expansions, 2) reducing CAC and driving adoption by implementing product-led growth strategies, and 3) growing market share and new logo wins by prioritizing community/customer advocacy.

“Customer success, product experience, and community are the building blocks of durable growth,” said Karl Rumelhart, CPO and EVP at Gainsight. “With these strategies as the foundation of their businesses, B2B SaaS companies can sustain growth regardless of the market conditions.”

Earlier this year, the company launched the Durable Growth™ Playbook at Pulse, its annual conference. The playbook guides B2B SaaS companies of all sizes through six steps to their goal of efficient growth. The announcements at Evolve demonstrate how the Gainsight platform can help businesses adopt the playbook and build long-term growth. They include:

Grow through your product
New tools in Gainsight PX make it easier than ever before for companies to improve onboarding experiences, offer support, collect feature feedback, and drive greater product adoption. The key announcements include:

  • Engagement Editor 2.0, new templates, and new in-app content recommendations to create more delightful user experiences and drive adoption
  • Enhanced multi-product dashboards, widgets, and funnels to increase cross-sell opportunities
  • New ways to manage feature requests and align Customer Success and Product teams on feature feedback and requests
  • New AI-based Sentiment Analysis to understand user feedback data and drive better product roadmapping

Scale with digital
New tools in Gainsight CS to help companies scale their Customer Success operations and build communities around their products. The key announcements include:

  • New customer hub to centralize customer content and customer engagement
  • Improved widget library and new banner budget to help build an online community destination without writing code
  • Automated Journey Orchestrator Simple Programs that require minimal configuration to enable companies to scale their customer experience
  • Automatic pooled CSM assignment to help scale the implementation of pooled CSM models to serve more customers
  • Automated customer QBR decks with all the required reports and key metrics to save time and resources.

Put the customer in customer success
New technology in Gainsight CS to help companies align Customer Success and Sales around customer goals in order to drive renewal, advocacy, and expansion. The key announcements include:

  • New Customer Goals feature that enables cross-functional teams to collectively capture, track, and report on customer goals to drive collaboration and showcase value. It allows teams to conduct seamless handoffs from Sales to CS, showcase delivered outcomes in renewal and expansion conversations, and provides leadership with better visibility into goals and progress.

No surprises
New tools that simplify access to powerful insights and democratize data via self-service analytics. The key announcements include:

  • New/Revamped comprehensive funnel analysis to enable Product Managers with better insights into feature adoption
  • Flexible Surveys to get a more granular view of user sentiment feedback
  • Improved access and the ability for Customer Success Managers and cross-functional leaders to build customized reports and dashboards

For more information on the product enhancements announced at Evolve, go here.

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Gainsight’s innovative platform helps companies of all sizes and industries drive durable growth through customer-led, product-led, and community-led strategies. It offers a powerful set of customer success, product experience, and community engagement solutions that together enable businesses to scale efficiently, create alignment, and put the customer at the heart of innovation. With Gainsight, it’s never been easier to drive acquisition, increase product adoption, prevent churn, and grow with renewals and expansion. Learn how leading companies such as GE Digital, SAP Concur, and Box use Gainsight at


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