The Analytics You Need to Make Tough Product Decisions

Gainsight PX’s product analytics capabilities enable you to quickly hone in on friction points in your product - like where users are falling off or getting stuck. Combined with contextual feedback, this insight helps you determine where you need interventions to drive adoption -- as well as what to build next.

Retention Insights

Visualize user dropping off and where customers get stuck.

  • Analyze the retention journey of user cohorts to determine how long you have to guide users to value before they organically fall off
  • Track granular steps of critical product flows (e.g, tasks in sign-up flows) and identify exactly where users are having trouble
  • Correlate feature usage with overall user retention to pinpoint what parts of your product drive stickiness
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Product Adoption

Easily compile analytics across newly released and existing features.

  • Dig into adoption over time from the lens of a specific feature
  • Determine if particular user segments or customers with certain attributes are more or less likely to adopt a given feature
  • Correlate feature adoption with customer lifetime value in order to make better product investment decisions

Customer Journeys

Understand how users naturally move through your product.

  • Identify how users are organically arriving at your most high-value features so you can design more impactful walkthroughs
  • Surface unexpected user behavior such as arriving at a specific part of the product after completing a seemingly unrelated workflow
  • Filter the view by specific user segments or attributes to understand how different types of users engage with your product
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Onclusive reduced churn by nearly 60% and reduced engineering costs by 3x.

Deliver the Outcomes Your Users Desire
Retention Analysis
Discover which features drive retention within customer segments and cohorts
Funnel Analysis
Quickly identify steps that users get stuck on
Query Builder
Track specific events and any number of user cohorts
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