Transform how your product drives your business with Gainsight PX.

Make data-driven product decisions, deliver personalized engagements based on user behavior, and present in-app surveys at the right time.

  • GE
  • WeWork
  • Blackbaud
  • Bizzabo
  • Madison Logic
  • Trimble
  • Anaplan
  • Seismic
  • Splunk


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Your Product Is Key To Accelerating Your Growth

Unlock your product's hidden potential by leveraging the power of product analytics, relevant feedback, and memorable customer experiences.

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Analyze Feature Usage Trends From Every Angle

Discover which features drive retention and growth using cohort retention, funnels, feature performance, and journey analysis.

Slice and dice reports across user, account and CRM data all in one place.

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Translate Product Insight Into Action With In-App & Email Engagements

With Gainsight PX, you can deliver personalized in-app and email engagements to drive users to "aha" product moments.

Guides, sliders, dialogs, and hotspots presented in real-time, when and where your users need it.

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Go Beyond Trend Data And Get Specific User Feedback

Present surveys to your users directly within your product to understand what they value and what they don't.

Net Promoter and Customer Effort surveys can be presented in real-time and analyzed over time.

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Invest In Future-Proof Scalability

A scalable, secure, and extensible platform providing you with the tools you need now and in the future. Gainsight PX offers no code instrumentation when you want it and code-level when you need it.

With an extensible data model, out of the box integrations, and full featured API, you can integrate any other customer system of record to segment, analyze and engage your customers.

Leverage the power of data to ensure positive outcomes for every customer.

  • We’ve partnered with Gainsight as they’ve built their product experience platform knowing that an effective product growth strategy may start with product, but must ultimately support all customer-facing teams.

    Adrian Benić VP Product