A single platform to inform product decisions, increase user adoption, and demonstrate product impact. All without coding.

Analyze feature usage trends from every angle

Discover which features drive retention and growth using cohort retention, funnels, feature performance, and journey analysis.

Slice and dice reports across user, account and CRM data all in one place.

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Translate product insight into action with in-app & email engagements

With Gainsight PX, you can deliver personalized in-app and email engagements to drive users to “aha” product moments.

Guides, sliders, dialogs, and hotspots presented in real-time, when and where your users need it.

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Go beyond trend data and get specific user feedback

Present surveys to your users directly within your product to understand what they value and what they don’t.

Net Promoter and Customer Effort surveys can be presented in real-time and analyzed over time.

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In the subscription era, the product and customer success teams take center stage in driving customer lifetime value.

Gainsight PX helps your team deliver superior product experiences while Gainsight’s customer success platform helps to ensure customers are receiving business value from the product. They’re powerful alone, but even better together in terms of driving customer growth.

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