How to Proactively Drive Exceptional Product Experiences in Challenging Times

Every experience with your product is an opportunity for your users to churn—or embark on a journey to realizing value that ultimately leads to expansion, retention, and advocacy. Especially during an economic downturn, product managers need to be aware of moves they can make now to monitor and improve the product experience (PX).

So how can Product Managers ensure customers are having delightful and impactful product experiences, when they have so many other demands on their time? To help them in their efforts, our team here at Gainsight took a deep dive into the techniques that leading companies are using to create effective product experiences that move the needle when it comes to outcomes like Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

Download the ebook to learn:

  • Research insights from the latest Gainsight PX customer data
  • Recommendations for effective engagements throughout the customer journey
  • Real-world stories of Gainsight customers defining PX best practices

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