Deal expansion is a top goal for many organizations — it’s easier and less costly to upsell a happy customer than to land a new logo.

This is a well-accepted fact among SaaS-modeled businesses. With increasing emphasis on customer success strategies that help drive durable growth, it’s imperative that company’s manage their expansion pipeline with the same rigor as their net-new customers.

Just as organizations have spent time and attention defining and enhancing their marketing and sales hand-offs, care needs to be taken to define how expansion revenue from existing customers is identified, managed and closed.

Our Gainsight Essentials team partnered with the sales experts at Pavilion to outline best practices and expert insights in the ebook Empowering Customer Success As An Engine For Growth.

Download to learn:

  • How to determine if a customer is ready for growth
  • Tips on having expansion conversations that convert
  • Options for sales-led vs. CS-led expansion
  • Upskilling CSM’s to handle revenue responsibility

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