In Customer Communities: Engage and Retain Customers to Build the Future of Your Business, a team of award-winning CEOs deliver an actionable playbook that explains exactly how to cultivate meaningful communities that fuel measurable and exponential business growth. In the book, you’ll discover how to leverage this new growth strategy to scale your firm and develop enduring excitement around your products and your company.

Authors Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, and Robin Van Lieshout, Chief Strategy Officer at Gainsight, explain the 10 foundational Laws of Community that underlie every vibrant and healthy community environment. You’ll learn why community development does not need to be expensive, arduous, or time-consuming, and how to integrate your community into the heart of your customer journey

You’ll also find:

  • Strategies for creating a cross-functional customer engagement team
  • Techniques for building community in places that aren’t the web or on social media
  • Ways to bring your organization’s culture and values into your community with a human-first alignment

A can’t-miss roadmap for community development, Customer Communities is an essential read for Customer Success, Marketing, Support, and Product professionals. It will also prove invaluable to entrepreneurs, founders, and executives in high-growth companies, as well as anyone else with a stake in organizational growth and resilience.

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