In less than a year, generative AI has radically transformed the way we work, learn, and interact. This is particularly true in the dynamic realm of business, where gen AI has revolutionized how we develop and collaborate with software. The impact of AI is profound, and it’s no different for Customer Success Management.

The State of AI in Customer Success, 2023 report delves deep into the pivotal role AI plays in transforming how businesses engage with their customers. It’s more than just a technological innovation; it’s the lifeline for organizations striving to stay competitive, deliver impeccable service, and ensure customer loyalty.

In this report we’ll share the thoughts of more than 400 companies throughout North America across a wide range of company sizes, annual contract values, industry segments, and geographic locations.

Here are a few of the takeaways we’ve learned:

  • Takeaway 1 – Customer Success teams are eagerly embracing Generative AI, opening doors to new possibilities and productivity.
  • Takeaway 2 – Efficiency and personalization through automation are the biggest benefits AI offers, saving time and driving enhanced customer experiences at scale.
  • Takeaway 3 – Discover the primary challenges for Customer Success teams, from customer outcomes to expansion and retention, and how AI can provide solutions.

Are you ready to shape your customer success strategy for the future, harnessing the power of AI? Download The State of AI in Customer Success, 2023 report now and step into a world where AI is the driving force of success in the Customer Success industry!

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