Gainsight Glossary

Customer Engagement Or Customer Experience

According to Forrester, it is the “Age of the Customer” and only companies that focus on “winning, serving, and retaining customers will survive.” Hence, the focus should be on customer success and happiness to ensure business growth. But what is the best way to ensure customer success? Should marketers implement customer engagement or customer experience strategies to drive sales and revenue?

Gainsight recognizes that one-off experiences cannot guarantee customer retention. With the business landscape changing to a subscription based business model, an engaging user experience can help manage retention and reduce churn. Gainsight knows that long term customer engagement or an engaging customer experience is the key factor that improves sales and revenue. Below are some measures that Gainsight employs to provide its customers a good customer experience.

  • Analyzes customer interactions to provide a quality customer experience
  • Tracks metrics and key performance indicators to measure effectiveness
  • Ensures the delivery of right service at the right time
  • Builds and enhances a good 360 degree customer view to understand customer needs and expectations
  • Nurtures a profitable relationship with customers
  • Ensures not to over promise and under deliver

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