5 Reasons Pulse Is the Best SaaS Event of the Year Image

5 Reasons Pulse Is the Best SaaS Event of the Year

Pulse is one of my favorite times of the year, and if you’ve attended one before, you know why. In addition to hearing from fantastic thought leaders, spending time networking with peers, and growing your career, the puppies, parties, and parody videos tie it all together.

This year the theme of Pulse is “Together, We’re Unstoppable.” And it couldn’t be more true after the challenges and obstacles we’ve all had to overcome as a community these past few years. We have all changed. We have all adapted. We have all come together and learned from each other. And the best part of being unstoppable together is how many good things we can do when we all work together. As such, here are the top reasons I think you should attend Pulse.

1. There will be EPIC speakers

Pulse has always been where the best and most inspiring leaders share their diverse perspectives. This year is no different. Thought leaders such as Aaron Levie, author Geoffrey Moore, Yamini Rangan, Yancey Spruill, Erica Shultz, Raj Sisodia, and more will share their expertise and durable growth strategies.

2. The Durable (and Efficient) Growth Playbook is coming soon!

Right now is a tough time for a lot of businesses. Between inflation, recession, and cost-cutting, there is a lot to think about. But there has never been a more important time to build Durable Growth into your business through Net Retention. As new sales slow down, Net Retention is what’s going to keep all of our companies growing. And Durable Growth is fundamentally about efficiency – something that’s quite en vogue right now! We’ll have dozens of sessions all about Durable and Efficient Growth.

3. Product innovations will be revealed

On day two, we have a special keynote focusing on new innovative features and capabilities that will enable businesses with customer-, product-, and community-led growth at the center. This is your chance to hear from industry leaders how technology has helped them optimize and scale along the way.

4. Being back in real life (obviously)

After two years of virtual experiences, Pulse is back IRL! Meeting people and making face-to-face connections is one of my favorite parts of Pulse every year. And I’ll be the first to admit it—it’s been tough being virtual. For me, I’ve missed interacting with our amazing community and customers, so it’s even more special to be back in person.

5. Is it even Pulse without puppies and parties?

Pulse has never been considered an “ordinary” conference – especially not when Vanilla Ice surprised us with an epic performance on stage. There are so many surprises planned this year, and I can’t wait to see all the reactions.


If you haven’t been to Pulse before, there’s still some time to sign up and experience all of the amazingness. You can use the code MEHTA25 to get 25% off. Pulse is more than your average conference; it is the best community event of the year. It’s an opportunity for professionals looking to advance their careers and for industry leaders to collaborate and share. At Pulse, individuals come together and become something greater – because together, we are unstoppable. We laugh, strategize, and thrive as a Pulse community, both to celebrate our accomplishments and craft our collective future. I can’t wait to see you there.