In the world of Customer Success, proactive risk management is the linchpin for ensuring seamless customer experiences. Vanessa Vadas, Customer Success Manager, Enterprise at Gainsight, delves deep into the strategies and techniques you need to navigate the complex landscape of customer risk mitigation.

In this ebook, we cover:

  • Six Reasons Risk Management Matters
  • Why Have a Risk Escalation Process?
  • Types of Risk
  • Risk Escalation in Action
  • Guiding Principles for Team-Based Risk Management

Explore the critical components of risk management, from the foundational steps to the practical steps in mitigating risk within your organization. Vadas shares insights and tactics to help you create a culture of customer-centricity that connects every department within your enterprise. Identification, analysis, and escalation are key processes that enable risk to be managed through a collaborative, team-based approach.

This ebook describes some straightforward principles and tactics around identifying, analyzing, and escalating risks. We hope this information will help Customer Success organizations implement or improve risk mitigation processes built on collaboration. After all, we’re in this together!

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