5 Reasons to Attend Pulse’s Community Track Image

5 Reasons to Attend Pulse’s Community Track

With an education-packed two days of Pulse, it may be hard to narrow down your list of which sessions to attend. We might be biased, but here are five reasons why we think you won’t want to miss the community track this year.

It’s the first year with a HUGE community emphasis and an impressive list of speakers

As most know, Gainsight acquired inSided in January of this year. That being said, this year’s agenda will carve out plenty of opportunities for sessions focused on community management, ops, strategy, and more. 

And did we mention the speaker lineup? Nisha Baxi, Alex Farmer, Tiffany Oda, OH MY! These are just a few of the thought leaders taking the stage this year to talk about their experiences with community. 

See the full lineup here.

Community is the key to resiliency

During uncertain economic times such as these, companies are looking to future-proof their businesses. Net Revenue Retention is one key indicator of how stable your company is. It not only tells you the rate at which customers are renewing but also expanding. But how do I achieve world-class NRR? Many individuals are pointing to community. In addition to being a source of NRR, community can also help with expansion, advocacy, and adoption. InSided by Gainsight gives you everything you need to get more from your own customer community including:

  • Community Q&A and discussions
  • A customer-driven Knowledge Base
  • In-app embeddables to serve relevant content within your product
  • Product updates to keep your users informed
  • User insights through Product feedback and ideation 


And when you pair the power of inSided with Gainsight CS, you’ll ensure that your company is driving durable growth through better NRR.

Community is the cornerstone of Digital Customer Success

One common misconception is that in order to have a customer community, you need a lot of customers. Cognite’s VP of Customer Success, Alex Farmer is about to change your mind. Join Alex’s session “Community for High-Touch Customer Success” on Thursday, Aug. 18 @ 2 pm PT.  He’ll talk about how Cognite uses community as a key channel in a high-touch strategy and how they introduced a new metric to prove the value of community: community qualified leads (CQLs).

Learn how community, customer education, and AI are intertwined

Community and education are a match made in heaven, Brigid and Mary already have proven so at Glint! And now they’re back, at Involve.ai and taking the next step by not only unifying the programs, but the customer data backing them as well. Definitely one to watch!

CS and Community are a match made in heaven (if utilized the right way)

Community can be a huge resource for Customer Success teams. Through your community, you can increase product adoption and customer loyalty with helpful content, peer-to-peer support, self-service, and a knowledge base. All of these community perks trickle down and impact CS. Together, CS and Community can inform customers of updates, facilitate deeper engagement without high-touch service, and more. But maybe your teams are siloed at the moment. Join Venafi’s Director of Community Operations, Tiffany Oda on Wednesday, Aug. 17 @ 2:30 pm PT, as she shares how you can create a shared mission between CS and Community Ops.  

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