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5 Tips To Stay Energized For Pulse Everywhere

We are so excited to connect with the Pulse community during Pulse Everywhere! Instead of simply bringing our presentations to a webinar across two days, we took this as an opportunity to change the game! For the past few months, our marketing team has conceptualized an experience that brings all the best of Pulse to the homes of the more than 14,000 people who are currently registered. This includes a virtual sponsor hall, live streams of puppies, digital networking, a gamified experience with prizes for completing actions within the platform, and more.

For those of us fortunate enough to be employed, that has meant that many jobs are now remote and we are spending endless amounts of time in front of our computers. For me, that has meant workouts, meditation, endless cross-collaboration meetings, social happy hours, and family connections all taking place on Zoom or some derivative.  Luckily, I have been following some of the tips from our CIO, Karl Mosgofian on how to combat Zoom fatigue and using appearance optimization to avoid makeup. 

While Pulse Everywhere is accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and we made each day specifically 4 hours (shorter than past live events) to really minimize this fatigue and create experiences that will surprise and delight you for the totality of the sessions. To truly maximize all that Pulse Everywhere has to offer, we are laying out our 5 tips to ensure you are fired up to make the most of Pulse Everywhere.

1. Get Comfortable

Hopefully, you are now in a groove with working from home and have optimized your workspace with the best light and seating. The best way to ensure you don’t miss the action is to set-up additional advance preparation. For example, I invested in a foot massager which hums in the background to soothe me while I work. For others, this could be as simple as nuts and carbonated water which is a great snack to boost energy. Whatever works for you, get comfortable because you won’t want to miss all the amazing insights from leaders at companies such as Adobe, IBM, Cisco, and Splunk.

2. Stay Engaged

The Pulse Everywhere platform is an interactive experience! We have set-up live polls, chats, and Q&A after all the sessions. Ensure your voice is heard by participating and engaging with the speakers. This helps you get what you need out of Pulse Everywhere and helps them potentially shape their next speaking engagement. In addition, research shows that handwritten notes allow better retention over typed notes. Pulse Everywhere is designed to inform so get out your notebook and pretend you are back at university. Lastly, avoid multi-tasking during the sessions. If you are not interested in the specific session you are in, feel free to visit a sponsor, watch some puppies or network as you would at a live conference. 

3. Set-up distractions for your children

We all recognize that raising children at home while working without the typical help is not ideal and is in fact nearly impossible. Use your Pulse Everywhere time as a way to give back to yourself. Crayola has some great coloring books you can download from their site which is a fun activity for many ages. I would suggest you even take advantage of these for yourself as coloring has been shown to have amazing positive psychological advantages for adults as well.  A good two-hour movie is another way to buy you some time with the kids. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is available on Disney+ this month. Prepare your kids for the work world of the future with their own tech-savvy options such as interactive and education apps or websites

4. Inform your ‘quaranteam’ and your office

This is the time to put on your OOO and let anyone you are under quarantine with know that you are going to be unavailable for several hours over the next two days. Ask them for this uninterrupted time to advance your Customer Success and Product knowledge. Disconnect from slack and put your OOO message on email as well the same as you would if you were traveling out of town for Pulse. Your manager should be as excited for you to take this time to invest in yourself. We are going to be making our biggest Product announcement of the year at Pulse Everywhere this year, so whether you are a customer or a prospect this is going to be game-changing when you see what we unveil. 

5. Change locations

I know number one was all about getting comfortable but just like live Pulse, Pulse Everywhere is across two days so we suggest switching up locations. For me, that includes sometimes moving from my home office to my balcony. Depending on where you live, you may be fortunate to sit by your pool or on your deck. Even if you shift from a desk or office to standing at your kitchen counter, a change in location can recharge the brain to stay energized and invested in all the learnings Pulse Everywhere has to offer.

In order to motivate all attendees to stay fired up during Pulse Everywhere, we have even gamified the experience. There will be opportunities to win prizes during sessions and from sponsors but you have to be there live to win. This is going to be our largest Pulse everywhere with nearly 14,000 registered attendees to date so you won’t want to miss a thing! I hope some of these tips help you get ready for the #BestPulseEver. We’d love to hear from you how you plan to make the most of Pulse wherever you are.