A Guide To Gainsight’s Pulse 2019 Product Announcements Image

A Guide To Gainsight’s Pulse 2019 Product Announcements

When it rains, it pours—products and features, that is!

In addition to the exciting announcement of the Gainsight Customer Cloud at Pulse 2019 and new offerings that include Gainsight CDP, CX and RO, our product leaders also shared an incredible list of innovations to our existing products. In fact, with a product team that’s over 200 people strong, one of the things that Gainsight does best is we’re always thinking about how our products can add more value for our customers. In that sense, our story has never been stronger than it is right now.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

Gainsight PX

Gainsight PX pairs deep SaaS product analytics with personalized in-app engagements that enable product leaders to deliver exceptional user experiences, continuously improve their offerings, and drive adoption of their most valuable features. Planned enhancements broaden the scope of PX analytics capabilities and offer new tools and channels to engage users.

Enablement Engine

Adopting a new system or complying with internal best practices can come with a learning curve. Enablement Engine uses Gainsight PX to engage your own internal users through in-product guidance delivered directly within Gainsight CS (and soon other systems as well) to get new users up-to-speed or help managers quickly roll-out new processes to their teams. Available now.

Mobile Analytics & Engagement

Mobile apps are a key tenet of today’s SaaS offerings. A mobile SDK for Android and iOS enables powerful analytics and in-app engagement for mobile users. Understand how mobile users behave differently than web users and target them with engagements tailored for the mobile experience. Coming Soon.

Triggered PX engagements from Journey Orchestrator within Gainsight CS

Customers expect a seamless experience across all touchpoints with their vendor. Now you can seamlessly blend in-product engagements via PX with email campaigns, and human interventions triggered within the Gainsight CS Journey Orchestrator. Coming Soon.

Salesforce and Slack Integrations

Enable all customer-facing teams with the latest data on user adoption and engagement through integrations with Salesforce and Slack. Provide adoption metrics on the Salesforce Account and Contact record and receive Slack alerts when your customer is interacting with an in-app engagement. Coming Soon.

Gainsight CS

Gainsight CS enables companies to measure customer health across many dimensions, orchestrate the post-sale customer journey, and rally everyone in the company around driving the business outcomes that customers demand.

Renewal Center

Today’s businesses are becoming increasingly savvy about how customer data translates into meaningful measures of the wellbeing of their customer base. But one area that has remained opaque is how to accurately use customer data as a predictive indicator for an upcoming contract renewal.

Renewals are the simple barometer of a customer’s success—either they choose to continue to spend money with you, or they don’t. But a renewal decision is driven by a complicated host of factors beyond just how well they are using the product or service they’ve purchased.

Renewal Center helps businesses both better forecast renewals and execute the processes needed to achieve the predicted renewal rate. Renewal Center uses machine learning to analyze subjective and objective customer data to produce a predictive renewal likelihood score for every renewal opportunity, leading to an accurate renewals forecast.

This score is also displayed in a centralized dashboard for renewal managers to manage their ongoing forecast. With easy-to-update views, in-line opportunity editing, and robust CRM integration, Renewal Center makes highly accurate renewal forecasts easy to maintain and simple to share with stakeholders across the business.  

Renewal Center is available in beta now and will be released in the Summer of 2019.

People Maps

Navigating the relationships, both organizational and political, between the stakeholders at your customer is crucial to understanding how and whom to partner with to drive their success. And while organizational charts are helpful (if you can find them) they don’t include a map of who influences whom outside of the formal role hierarchy.

People Maps provides a tool for your company to capture the organizational hierarchy of your customer contacts and crowdsource information on the informal relationships between them. The entire customer team can view an organizational chart of customer contacts, including partners and consultants involved, view insights about each person, such as their NPS score and last engagement, and explore their connections to find the key influencers that can help you gain traction within your accounts.

People Maps is available in beta now and will be released in July 2019.

Do more for your customers with efficiency-boosting tools

Regardless of tenure or touch-model, customer owners always want to do more for their customers but are limited by the number of hours in the day. As the leading Customer Success Solution, Gainsight is intimately familiar with the typical day of a customer owner and offers several enhancements to take their efficiency to the next-level.

  • Mobile App: Customer owners are always on-the-go and they need their customer success solution to go with them. Our new Mobile App ensures these nomads can integrate Gainsight CS with their calendar, receive important notifications, get customer insight from Sally the AI Bot, and share updates, notes, and summaries from wherever their customers take them. Available now.
  • Success Snapshots: One of the most time-consuming tasks is creating a presentation for a customer meeting with all the latest data and reports. Success Snapshots take the lift out of presentation prep by enabling customer owners to export Gainsight data and reports directly into a branded, client-ready presentation. Available now.
  • Success Plan Collaboration: Making customers successful requires a partnership between the customer and vendor, with both working towards the customer’s desired outcomes. Success Plans provides a tool that makes it easy to design a strategic account plan that outlines the customer’s objectives and the tasks needed to make them a reality. Now, you can share that Success Plans directly with the customer to stay in sync as you jointly collaborate towards the customer’s goals. Coming soon.
  • Gainsight Home: Gone are the days of going to multiple different systems to get the information you need and post updates where necessary. Gainsight Home is the one place for customer owners to get insightful and actionable intelligence about their portfolio, and complete daily tasks like setting up a meeting, taking notes and creating to-do lists. Coming soon.

Solve difficult data problems with new platform technology

To execute a company-wide customer success strategy, businesses need a platform that can apply the latest technologies to solve intractable data problems and discover new insights, all at scale. Gainsight is introducing several platform enhancements that address some of the toughest challenges for our customers.

  • Adoption Explorer: Product adoption data is critical input to understanding customer health, but modeling the complex data structures needed to draw insight from it can be challenging. Adoption Explorer offers an end-to-end tool that makes it easy for admins to plug-and-play product adoption data into Gainsight and provides pre-built visualizations for customer owners to explore how their users are adopting. Available now.
  • Bionic Reporting: Preparing data for reporting is burdensome for admins and prevents business stakeholders from exploring data on their own. Bionic Reporting is a powerful and flexible reporting framework that makes it easy for admins to transform customer data sets on the fly and reduce the time and effort required to get insights into the hands of those who need it across the company. Coming Soon.
  • Voice-of-the-Customer Text Analytics: Surveys are certainly an important source for understanding what your customers are thinking – but it is only one point of interaction. To truly understand what your customers are thinking about a certain topic, our Voice-of the-Customer Text Analytics analyzes survey comments, customer updates and activities (including recorded emails), and other text-based data to more easily keep track of your customer’s sentiment. Coming Soon.
  • EU Data Center: For our customers with operations within the European Union, Gainsight now offers a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. The data center is live and operational for business. Check out the operation status here. Available now.