Aptrinsic Adds Email Channel To Help Companies Deliver Hyper-Personalized Customer Communications Image

Aptrinsic Adds Email Channel To Help Companies Deliver Hyper-Personalized Customer Communications

Empowering SaaS companies to execute on more personalized onboarding and customer marketing experiences.

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SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 06, 2017—Aptrinsic, the company behind the Product Experience Platform, has announced the addition of email engagements to its solution. Designed for product managers and product growth managers, the Aptrinsic platform enables companies to deliver more interactive product experiences by guiding their customers to really know, love, and use their products. Now, with email engagements, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product and install-base teams can create custom emails based on a user’s role, account, industry or any other product data captured by Aptrinsic. These emails can be used to initially onboard customers, resurrect inactive customers, or, to promote internal events, training and webinars. “Coming from Marketo we know how to do email and our product was designed from the beginning to deliver both real-time and batch capabilities in a single platform,” said Nick Bonfiglio, CEO and cofounder of Aptrinsic. “Being able to engage prospects and customers with more relevant emails based on their product behavior is paramount to driving increased adoption and retention.” As SaaS companies onboard users from sign-ups to premium accounts, Aptrinsic enables them to deliver personalized email messages, along with rich, in-product content messages and guides. With Aptrinsic email engagements, product teams can:

  • Orchestrate more tailored onboarding experiences for initial sign-ups, as well as newly added users.
  • Resurrect users who have not logged-in in a predefined time or completed their initial setup steps, but have become inactive.
  • Deliver more targeted event, training and webinar promotions based on customer segments such as geolocation, industry size, and vertical.

“While there are numerous email solutions available, most fall short in leveraging product behavior for campaigns. The addition of email capabilities brings exciting new customer marketing and engagement capabilities to the Aptrinsic platform.” said Nigel Pegg, VP of Product at GuideSpark. “Our platform empowers companies to deliver personalized customer experience driven by product usage and CRM data. Adding the Email channel to our existing real-time in-app channel empowers product leaders and growth managers to fully own customer experience across channels. Companies can now communicate with their customers using personalized emails to help get them started, stay abreast of important events and keep them engaged with the product,” said Mickey Alon, Chief Product Officer and cofounder of Aptrinsic. Aptrinsic email engagements are available today. Visit www.aptrinsic.com to sign up for free subscription of our Product Experience Platform and these all-in-one engagement capabilities.

About Aptrinsic Aptrinsic provides an all-in-one product experience platform that enables companies to onboard, retain, and grow customers by delivering personalized product experiences based on in-product behaviors. We equip product leaders with in-depth analytics and engagement tools such as in-product guides, dialogs, sliders, and emails to improve product adoption, customer onboarding and customer retention. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Aptrinsic was founded by Nick Bonfiglio, former EVP of global product at Marketo, and Mickey Alon, former founder and CEO of Insightera, which was acquired by Marketo in 2013. Our investors include Dan Avida from Opus Capital and Tae Hea Nahm from Storm Ventures.