Customer Strategy Assessment Image

Customer Strategy Assessment

Every organization – regardless of size, industry or type of product – experiences challenges when developing and optimizing their customer strategy. Whether you are just building the foundation of your customer success team or are looking for ways to scale and drive growth, there are obstacles that require the full support of your organization to tackle.

At Gainsight, we have spent many years observing these obstacles firsthand, and working with our customers to help address them. The result of this work can be summarized within our Customer Pain Framework, which consists of the following six areas: Expansion, Customer Experience, Retention, Efficiency, Adoption & Visibility.

In order to help you better assess your current state relative to each of these areas, we have created the Customer Strategy Assessment. The survey sets out to do the following:

  • Help you prioritize which of the pains is most critical for your organization to tackle first
  • Provide you with benchmark comparisons for where you fall relative to peer organizations
  • Serve as the basis for our team to deliver a prescriptive set of solutions that will have the biggest impact possible on your company’s performance

We invite you to complete the assessment and look forward to working together to reduce pain & optimize results.