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Enabling Multi-Product Growth in Gainsight PX

Many enterprise companies find themselves without either a tool or platform that gives a unified customer experience across multiple products. As a result, the customer can often experience a disjointed. The company is unable to optimize or scale the customer and ultimately impacts customer retention. Such was the case for a Gainsight customer. 

This specific customer is a large enterprise platform known for digital media and marketing solutions based in the cloud. They have a creative array of products that provide best in class digital tools that help everyone from the individual to global companies and brands. With so many products, it is difficult to personalize the experience of the user. They needed a solution that would work not just with one product but also across all their portfolio products.

Gainsight introduced PX to the customer, confident that it could solve many of its issues. One of PX’s core benefits is its power to handle multiple products’ complexity, especially in a subscription environment. In PX, companies can analyze features, orchestrate engagements, and gain visibility into customer behavior. This visibility was incredibly valuable in seeing the usage and adoption of many features while identifying product challenges. 

For example, if a company has a set of users that uses two out of ten products in a portfolio, PX can send them in-app notifications and engagements to draw them to other products. PX reveals data that can let you know what products customers are using based on behavior and activity. But, more importantly, PX can show which products they are not. You can send enticing messaging that helps the customer maximize the value of the products they are using while encouraging additional products for consideration. 

Our enterprise software customer utilized PX successfully across multiple products. As a result, they increased their data-driven in-product messaging, leading to increased usage and efficiency for their customer base. They made the messaging unique. If a user logged into different systems, even if it was numerous systems, the customer avoided using the same message to the same user. PX has the ability to detail and time messaging so as not to overwhelm the customer. Also, with an analysis of product usage, they can discover which customers are the best fit for additional products. This motion, of course, leads to upsell, cross-sell, and other growth opportunities.

Personalizing the customer experience across multiple products is easier in PX. It allows companies and customers to make better decisions to know which products to sunset and which to double down on by investing more time, money, and human resources in it. Most importantly, in PX, you know the user journey across all products and see if they are taking the ideal path. If not, you can guide and create the experience they need to succeed and build retention. Want to know how this could work for your enterprise? Take a personalized tour of Gainsight PX today.