Gainsight Earns Top Spot on Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work List for 2023 Image

Gainsight Earns Top Spot on Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work List for 2023

At Gainsight, it’s our mission to be living proof that you can win at business while being Human-First. And we have some exciting news. 

Gainsight is the winner of the annual Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards, a list of the Best Places to Work in 2023. And we’re positively FIRED UP about this announcement!

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Some of the highlights include:

  • Over 400 reviews on Glassdoor
  • A 4.8 rating overall
  • 99% of the reviewers approve of CEO Nick Mehta 
  • 96% would recommend Gainsight to a friend

“I’d normally say ‘I’m humbled to…’ but being real, this is freaking awesome,” said Mehta. “It’s awesome because it’s a sign of the dedication and belief our 1200+ Gainsters have in Human-First Business. I couldn’t be more grateful to work with these incredible humans.”

Here’s a little more about the award and why we’re so honored to be recognized by both Glassdoor and our teammates. 

About the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards 

Unlike other workplace awards, there’s no self-nomination or application process. Instead, it’s entirely based on the feedback our teammates have voluntarily and anonymously shared on Glassdoor. To determine the winners of the awards, Glassdoor evaluates company reviews shared by current and former teammates over the past year. This year, we’re proud to be recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work among U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees. 

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A huge thank you goes out to all our teammates who took the time to share their perspectives on what it’s like to work here. We appreciate all the valuable feedback as it only helps us improve. 

Below are just a few words teammates shared on Glassdoor that contributed toward the award and make us feel incredibly honored:

One Gainsight teammate, a Senior Consultant, wrote on Glassdoor, “The company has AMAZING benefits, very, very flexible time off, and plenty of pockets of employees across the world that are able to get together and create micro-groups. This company proves not only you can be Human-First in business but you can actually enjoy what you do.” 

Another Gainsight teammate, an Onboarding and Product Specialist, said: “Amazing place to work as a parent. Wonderful work–life balance. Management cares about and protects employees.” 

A Customer Success Manager at Gainsight echoed these sentiments: “Gainsight’s purpose is to be a Human-First company … This was the most important thing to me when looking for my next career move, and I’m so happy to say that they aren’t just words in a mission statement but they are actually embodied by the whole company.”

How We Create a Human-First Culture Through Our Values

At Gainsight, our values guide our day-to-day work, and orient all of us around our mission of being Human-First. Carol Mahoney, Chief People Officer at Gainsight, says “Our values are guideposts on our quest to be a Human-First company—they’re the perspective that we use every day to ensure we’re on the right path as a company.” 

Here’s a look at our five values:  

  • Golden Rule: We believe in treating people the way they want to be treated.  
  • Success for All: We believe in the tireless pursuit of balancing success for our customers, teammates, families, and community. 
  • Childlike Joy: We believe in bringing the inner child in us to work every day. 
  • Shoshin: We believe in a beginner’s mind.  
  • Stay Thirsty: We believe in a totally internally-driven strive for greatness.  

These values mean a lot to us at Gainsight, and they’re put into action through some incredible programs.

The Teammate Resource Groups That Make Gainsight Great 

Our Teammate Resource Groups (TRGs) are a huge point of pride for Gainsight. These teammates are dedicated to making Gainsight a great place to work for everyone. 


The Gainsight BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) TRG provides People of Color and allies who align with our mission and collective cultures, a support network that aims to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace.


Ellevate is a community for networking, education, mentorship, and professional development for Gainsight women, and allies of all genders, across the globe. The group’s mission is to shape and sustain an inclusive culture at Gainsight where women thrive. 


We know our business practices have an impact on our world. Our TRG Greensight works toward the mission: To be living proof that we can win in business while being planet first.

Parents at Gainsight 

Life as a working parent is incredibly fulfilling, but it isn’t always easy. Parents at Gainsight is a group where we come together to help, guide, support, and learn from each other.


Spectrum is an all-encompassing space for LGBTQIA+ teammates. The group aims to contribute to diversity and inclusion by advocating for the workplace rights and well-being of marginalized people, educating ourselves and our coworkers on LGBTQIA+ experiences, and celebrating these experiences because inclusion does not just mean tolerance.

Mind Matters 

Mind Matters fosters the diversity, equity, and inclusion of both neurodiverse teammates and teammates with mental health challenges by 1) promoting awareness and understanding, 2) fostering community, and 3) advocating for proactive burnout prevention policies.

Thank You, Glassdoor! 

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We are beyond honored to not only make this list, but earn the top spot for 2023. A huge thank you to Glassdoor, and our teammates who make Gainsight the best place to work every single day. 

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