Here Are the Winners of the 2019 Pulse Impact Awards Image

Here Are the Winners of the 2019 Pulse Impact Awards

Acting has the Oscars, music has the Grammys, science and literature have the Nobel Prize.

Now customer success has its own prestigious award!

This year at our annual Pulse conference, Gainsight launched the Pulse Impact Awards. We wanted to save a spot on the biggest stage in customer success to honor teams that made an impact in four different categories over the last year. So we asked you, the customer success community, to nominate your peers to be recognized.

Here are the four awards we gave away at Pulse 2019 in San Francisco in May:

  1. The Innovation Award: This award honors an innovation in customer success that drove a measurable shift in retention, expansion, adoption, or advocacy. This organization had to demonstrate that they’re not only successfully navigating their own customer success journey, but they’re raising the bar for us all.
  2. The Human First Award: This one honors the team that showed an uncompromising dedication to the success of the individuals in their organization, their customer base, or their community. The winner of this award needs to think beyond their products and strategies and set their sights on the positive effects they can have on the humans they impact.
  3. The Transformation Award: This award recognizes a reinvention of an organization’s relationship with their customers. Whether establishing a customer success practice for the first time, engaging with a set of customers who used to be out of reach, or building bridges to collaborate across functions, with partners, or in partnership with others, this team has earned our respect—and our moral support—for the grit and creativity they’ve shown over a year of furious change.
  4. The Product Experience Award: The last award honors a Product team that goes above and beyond to understand and improve how customers use their products. They’ve expanded their ability to better leverage analytics, they’ve learned to adjust their ideas and priorities based on the data and insights they receive from customers, and they enrich their customers’ experience with information and recommendations that make the product more accessible and valuable.

Please join us in congratulating these exceptional teams and teammates!

The Innovation Award – Loopio

Pulse 2019 Nasisse 260

Congratulations to Loopio, the Pulse 2019 Impact Award winner for Innovation.

Innovation in customer success connects creative thinking to measurable results.

It superchanges an organization’s retention, expansion, advocacy, or adoption.

It raises the bar for the customer success industry. This year’s Innovation Pulse Impact award recipient has added scale to their proactive approach to customer success by launching an incredible program they call Impact Assessments. Across 600 customers who have participated in Impact Assessments to date:

  • 40% were driven to explore a higher Subscription Tier
  • 42% discovered additional use cases for the product
  • 27% received additional, proactive product training

From Loopio’s first days, prioritizing our customers has always served as our North Star. As the Loopio team continues to scale from three to over 100 employees, it remains core to our entire organization. That’s why it means so much to be recognized by the premier customer success learning and networking conference in the world! It’s an honour to be recognized for the work our team is doing in continuing to explore innovative ways to constantly prioritize and improve the value we deliver.”
Sara Mason, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Loopio

The Human First Award – Diligent

Pulse 2019 Nasisse 258

Congratulations to Zach Boisi, Vice President of Customer Success at Diligent, the Pulse 2019 Impact Award winner for being Human-First.

Being human-first means showing uncompromising dedication to making a positive impact on your community, customer base, and company. This year’s Human First Pulse Impact award recipient embodies that dedication. Zach is a leader in the customer success community with a thriving team, and he also has a passion for giving back. His human-first calling has led to leadership roles at:

  • Spence Chapin, working with adoptive families.
  • Nourish Now, feeding those in need.
  • And Mentor New York, where his efforts have raised nearly a million dollars for mentoring programs in honor of his brother.

“I am extremely humbled to accept this Human First award on behalf of Diligent’s global Customer Success team. I firmly believe that when you put your team or your customer’s best interests as the top priority, you will see the best results for all parties involved.  Working in a profession where Success is literally a named part of the job, putting humans first is what ultimately leads to personal, professional and corporate success.”
Zach Boisi, Vice President of Customer Success at Diligent

The Transformation Award – athenahealth

Pulse 2019 Nasisse 262

Congratulations to athenahealth, the Pulse 2019 Impact Award winner for Transformation.

Customer success is fueled by reinvention and transformation. That can take the form of creating a customer success organization for the first time, building bridges across an organization, or finding entirely new ways for customers see value. This year’s Transformation Pulse Impact award recipient has revolutionized the way they serve customers. In just a year, they’ve planned, developed, and implemented a full customer success organization. In that time, 100% of the team has completed and internal Gainsight certification.

The results have been extraordinary, delivering a turnaround to retention trends and huge improvements in NPS, as well as integrating the voice of the customer more deeply into business processes.

“athenahealth is committed to delivering a best-in-class customer experience to the more than 160,000 providers on our collective network. Our transition to a customer success model has helped elevate the performance of our clients and drive our mission to transform healthcare. We appreciate Gainsight’s recognition of these efforts and of our progress.”
Bret Connor, Chief Customer Officer at athenahealth

The Product Experience Award – Bizzabo

Pulse 2019 Nasisse 259

Congratulations to Bizzabo, the Pulse 2019 Impact Award winner for Product Experience.

What goes into a next-level product experience? Going above and beyond to understand customers, dedication to data-driven improvement, and constant attention to ideas and priorities that make the product more valuable

This year’s Product Experience award recipient embodies these principles with exemplary alignment across Product, Sales, and Customer Success teams and innovative processes for gathering and using data to create great experiences.

At the world’s fastest growing event technology company, product experience is key to explosive growth.

We are honored to receive the Product Experience Award. By using Gainsight PX we were able to workflow and feature guides to increase adoption and get our customer to achieve first value faster. In addition, leveraging usage data allowed us to identify and tackle friction points in which the customers experience difficulties. In addition, we were able to define critical milestones in the customer journey that help ensure that our users are on track to success and to achieve their desired outcomes.”
Rebecca Mass, Customer Success Team Lead at Bizzabo