I Read Gainsight’s 345 TrustRadius Reviews. This One Word Jumped Out. Image

I Read Gainsight’s 345 TrustRadius Reviews. This One Word Jumped Out.

I’m a marketer, so it’s kind of my job to be “professionally proud” of my company and all the stuff we build and do.

At Gainsight, it’s not actually that hard to feel proud of my company and my teammates. Our incredible engineering team is on the forefront of computer science, our new UI is gorgeous, our Customer Outcomes team is absolutely the best in the world. I could go on (indeed, I will go on).

That’s their job: to build the best software. To deliver the best outcomes to our customers. My job is to tell people about it. That’s where it gets tougher. Like I said, it’s easy to feel proud, it’s harder to communicate that with sincerity, humility, and clarity, and to do it all in a way that stands out from all the noise of our species’ collective marketing apparatus.

But there is one thing that checks all four of those boxes: your customers could just do the marketing.

  • Sincerity: Customer reviews are verified, unbiased, and true to the user’s experience.
  • Humility: I’m not bragging about Gainsight, our customers are!
  • Clarity: I know a lot about Gainsight, but I don’t use it every day. User reviews give you the real scoop from people who know it better than me.
  • Stand out from the noise: 95% of shoppers read reviews online before they buy. You can’t buy that kind of exposure.

All of that is obviously contingent on the reviews being actually good, but if our software and our outcomes are as great as I opened up this blog by saying, then we should be in good shape—and it turns out we’re in really good shape after all.

Gainsight Won Another TrustRadius Top Rated Badge

TrustRadius just announced Gainsight won a Top Rated 2019 Badge for Customer Experience Management. You can’t get it without having good reviews from happy customers, so it’s obviously great validation. It’s awarded based entirely on customer reviews factored by rating, recency, and relevance.

So my job’s obviously done—just go check out the reviews on TrustRadius.com.

Okay, not so fast. I’ve got to earn a living, so I read through our reviews (we have a lot—345 to be exact at the time I’m writing this). There was one word that kept popping up all over the place beyond the feature callouts, the recommendations, the pros and cons, and the use cases.

The Word Is Scale

I get a lot of feedback from people in the customer success community that the number one job for a lot of these teams is scaling. They have more accounts, more users, more relationships, more ARR, more touch points, more, more, more. But they have the same number of hours in a day, and oftentimes, the same headcount quarter after quarter. They need to scale, but the path to accomplishing that is unclear.

That’s where Gainsight comes in. Our platform is built with scalibility in mind—and that’s rare among our class of software. Again, I do encourage you to read the reviews, warts and all. They’re real reviews from real people. We don’t attempt to influence what they write in any way, and in fact, we love getting red minus signs, because it gives us something we can fix and improve upon.

But take it from the guy who read all of them, scalability is what our customers are saying is a strength.

Read all the TrustRadius Revews—if you dare!